Coupon Challenge Update: Week V

Today, I’m thankful for second (and third and forth) chances. To be honest, I mess up a lot. I never intend to; in fact, I usually have good intentions but somehow things tend to just slip away from me and I’m left apologizing to someone for something. Fortunately, I’m blessed with the most patient, forgiving, loving family and friends who are always there for me, no matter what I’ve gotten myself into. Most of all, I have a God who sees my every thought and loves me and forgives me no matter how far short I’ve fallen of his Grace– and I am so very, very thankful for that. In the lyrics of Reliant K ,”the beauty of Grace is that it makes life not fair.”

Speaking of second chances to redeem where I messed up, on to the Coupon Kids Challenge update! This week, we saved at:

  • $5.50 at JoAnn Fabric (they’re having a Veteran’s Day sale right now!)
  • $15.32 at Kroger with our Plus card (we bought our Thanksgiving turkey for just $0.59 a pound!)
  • $8.00 at Harbor Freight (on Canvas Drop Cloths… bet you can’t guess what my project for Friday is)
  • $1.64 on gas at Sam’s Club using our Sam’s cards

For a grand total of $30.46 saved this week! We’ve saved $509.77 so far! Only $490.23 left to save!

New to LHBH or miss out on the start of the Coupon Kids Challenge? Read up on it here!

What have you saved on recently? What are you thankful for on this rainy Tuesday morning?



7 thoughts on “Coupon Challenge Update: Week V

  1. Hmm… I have no clue what you’ll be using your drop cloths for. Maybe curtains?
    Anyway, today I’m thankful for the sunny day we’re having – after three days of non-stop pouring rain, it’s good to see the sun again, even if it’s cold outside.
    Seriously, it rained so much that one of our subway stations is completely underwater (thankfully it’s not one I use so I can still take the subway this week).

    • That’s a lot of rain! We could really use that here in Texas! Many of the smaller lakes around here have completely dried up.

      You’re on the right track with the drop cloths 🙂

      Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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