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I’m Jessica Beals. No, not the actress. That’s Jessica Biel. She married Justin Timberlake. I married that guy… Kevin Beals. We’re new(ish) homeowners, newlyweds, and puppy parents. Our house is a 1940s bungalow located in Dallas, Texas. It’s no mansion, but what it lacks in space it makes up in character and just-plain-cuteness. When we started looking for our first home in early spring 2011, it was the first home we found. After looking at several others, we decided we were smitten. We made an offer, it was accepted, and April 1, 2011 found us standing on the stoop with keys in hand.

In real life, Kevin and I grew up in small Midwest towns. We love Jesus, Indianapolis Colts football, sushi, and our nieces, Emma and Isabella. We’re both engineers (he’s electrical and I’m mechanical) and graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (GO FIGHTIN’ ENGINEERS!!) in Terre Haute, Indiana.  When we’re not DIYing on the Little House, you can find us cycling, pretending to be beer snobs with our friends, or cooking up something tasty.

The Little House gets a lot of its heart from our three furry children. Fievel, our oldest, is a frisky gray tuxedo cat. We adopted him from a rescue shelter, but strangers beware: Fievel is more protective of the Little House than either of our two puppies combined.

Fiev Outside

Indiana “Indy” Beals is our middle child. She’s 85 lb.  Lab/Great Pyrenees/Something mix that is all love. She loves to swim at the nearby lake. Her favorite treats are remote controls and new underwear. She was also adopted from a rescue shelter.

Indy Dog

Her sister, Rosie, is another rescue. Rosie’s much more chill than her sister (usually). She wants nothing more than to have you rub her belly as she stares at you with those great big Coonhound eyes.

Rosie Soaking Up The Sun

We’re excited you’re here to share our journey with us! We’re no experts or professional bloggers, but what we lack in experience, we make up for with Google heart! If you have any questions or would like to advertise on LHBH, please email us at littlehousebigheart {at} gmail {dot} com!


28 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I love your writing!!!! I am excited to read about your blog… post up good recipes!!! I want to try them.

    Love ya!!

  2. Hi Jessica, I found your blog through a comment you left on Bower Power, and just wanted to tell you it looks great so far! My husband and I are also both engineers with a house to fix up and a puppy we love, and I had to laugh when you described how your husband is a patient listener who “has spent umpteen hours listening to me discuss my next cupcake experiment or whether I want a pistachio or more lime green accent in the living room” because that sounds just like us! I look forward to reading about your cooking/baking/DIY adventures…good luck with the blog!

  3. I’m not really sure which rabbit hole I fell down to find myself on your blog but I wanted to say hi. My husband and I are both engineers living in Dallas so I couldn’t help but feel like we have lots in common as soon as I started reading your blog. I am now subscribed through Google Reader so I can’t wait to see what your future posts hold.
    And I have to say, I am jealous of your cute little house near White Rock Lake. I would love to be close enough to there to easily take my dog anytime. Although the last time I did, he got unrecognizable muddy and I became the bad dog mom chacing her muddy dog around the dog park trying to retrieve a stolen frisbee…while my husband laughed and took pictures.
    I hope you have enjoyed the cooler weather this week and happy Friday!

  4. Stumbled on your blog today, and I’m a new reader 🙂 My husband and I, too, live in an old house (over a century old to be exact!) and less than 1000 sq. feet, so I can totally understand the littlehousebigheart concept!

  5. Oh my gosh Rose-Hulman!!! I found your blog via a comment over on Bower Power, and it took me a few minutes before I noticed the little red flag in your banner! Your house is so cute, and your wedding looked amazing. I’m an OE, c/o 2009. I can relate! I got married just after graduation (to an engineer), we bought our first (tiny) house that fall, and have been remodeling/making it ours ever since! I have a job in the city to help support us, but my real passion is domestic life. 🙂 Congrats on your blog, and good luck!

  6. First, Congrats on the marriage and the house! Hubster and I also had a DIY wedding. We used to live into a two bedroom ranch, but this summer we expanded to a 4 bedroom house. Cute blog!

  7. My husband and I are in very similar shoes- starting out as a newly married couple, first time home owners, and first time doggie parents!! We are loving every minute of it as I am sure you are as well. Congrats with everything and can’t wait to see what you do with your first home!


  8. Hey there! I just found your blog through young house love and it’s SO cute! You’re home is lovely, and y’all seem like such a fun couple. Enjoy nesting!

  9. It is so crazy how similar your situation is to mine, besides getting hitched, lol. I just bought a house and me and my boyfriend of 4 years are so excited to start renovations and fun DIY projects. We are first time home owners, so we are complete newbies at this as well. Love your blog, definitely found a follower in me!


  10. Hey Jess! It’s another Jess from Dallas 🙂 I have seen you comment on YHL but had no idea you live in Big D! We actually live outside of Frisco, but it’s fun to find other bloggers out there. My hubby is an engineer (civil), too, and will have to see if he knows ya’lls names. You never know in a city this big…that would be a crazy small world!

    • Crazy! So awesome to meet more people from DFW! We’re down in the M-Streets and love it!

      Oddly enough I work for a civil engineering firm (in their oil and natural gas group), so it’s a definite possibility!

      • Ahh the M-streets! What a great part to live in 🙂 We live in the ‘burbs and definitely miss that city feel sometimes.

        BTW, my hubby works at Bury + Partners. He said ya’lls name didn’t ring a bell…but you never know.

  11. Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Inspirational Blog Award. You’re blog is so bright and I love all the details you put into your posts (I’d never have that kind of patience.) Little House, Big Heart has such a laid back feel, which is nuts because you guys do BIG projects that would make me a neurotic mess. Either way, here are the details http://letsspace-lift.com/2013/03/02/circle-of-inspiration/ And thanks for being such an inspiration!

  12. Hi! Found your blog via YHL. I found a picture caption from in front of Hofbrauhaus in Newport, and even though your pics won’t load on my work computer (bummer), I was like OMG! they’re from CIncinnati! (We have a Hofbrauhaus in Newport.) But alas, you’re in Dallas, but I’m from Indiana so it was even more surprising! Can’t wait to bookmark your blog and get home for these pictures to load!

    • HI Kara! Kevin and I are actually Midwesteners, too! I grew up in southern Indiana (about an hour east of B-Town, actually) and Kevin grew up in Illinois! We both went to school in Terre Haute (at Rose-Hulman) and come back to the Hoosier state every few months to visit my family!

      Great to hear from another Hoosier! So glad you stopped by!

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