I’m baaaaack!

It’s been a while, but I’m finally back (rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated). While my shoulder was on the mend, my wonderful mummy and I did some major work on the little house. Many of those projects are still in progress, so I’ll be posting on them as they finish.

For now, I thought it would be nice to give you a tour of the Little House. The hubs and I bought the Little House this past spring. It was the very first house we fell in love with when we started dreaming about buying our own place (hastened by the murder at our apartment complex… yikes!). We loved the cottage-y feel, the strong bones, and the proximity to White Rock Lake, where we love to run and cycle. When we drove past and found it was FSBO (that’s for sale by owner), we immediately called our realtor and set up a showing. We had made an offer by the next week and had the keys in our hands a month after that.

Possession day!

So far, we’ve added a couple Adirondack chairs and an American flag. We can’t wait to pull out the overgrown shrubs, replace the wrought-iron on the porch with a post, and plant actual grass (instead of weed patches) in the yard. And inspired by Sherry at YHL, I’m contemplating front door colors.

Step inside the front door and you immediately enter our living room. I am in love with our fireplace. And crown molding. And the gray wall color we chose. We haven’t taken many photos yet (which may  or may not be due to the fact that I dropped and broke the “good” camera during the Pinterest Challenge) , so some of these are the listing photos. This is the living room (way) before:

note: listing photo-- not our furniture!

And in progress:

The living and dining room have seen the most updating since we’ve moved in. The dining room is quite a bit smaller than the living room (I need to get the actual dimensions), but it has two great windows. Also, the light fixture isn’t centered over the dining room table. My engineer-OCD-ness can hardly handle it, so recentering will be one of the next projects we tackle.

note: listing photo - not our furniture!

Isn’t the arched doorway wonderful? Here is a progress shot:

Note: This is pre- DIY Ribbon Chandy

The rest of the the house is virtually untouched since we moved in, so here are a few of the listing shots to give you the general gist of Little House.

The Kitchen: It’s small, but a lot bigger than our previous apartment kitchen. I love the butcher block counters and all the light! The previous owner had gutted the kitchen and added Ikea cabinets/counters, so all we will likely change is the floor and paint color.

Note: Listing photo!

The spare bedroom: This room has five huge windows. If it had more closet space, the hubs and I might switch rooms.

Note: Listing Photo!

Master Bedroom: We love all the windows of the guest room, but the closets in this room (and its a little bit bigger) sold us on choosing this as our master bedroom. I can’t wait to take the ceiling fans down in both rooms!

Note: Listing Photo!

Finally, the office/library/dump zone: This little room was originally a screened-in porch that was closed off to make a small back room. We’d like to make this into a library/office for now and eventually take it over as the master bath. For now, however, it is the dumping grounds for the Goodwill pile, Craigslist pile, garage pile, to be sorted and re-piled pile… you get the idea.

Note: Listing Photo!

So that’s Little House. I’m going to try to knock together a floor plan this afternoon, but don’t hold me to it. I also am going to try to cook dinner, work out, take Indy to the dog park, pick up the house, and spend some time with the hubs. All tonight. And with one arm.

PS. Is it bad when I’m hoping for 90 degree weather as a cold front? 46 of the last 54 days here in Dallas have been over 100 degrees.

Do you have any quirks in your current home that drive you nuts (like off-centered light fixtures or ugly ceiling fans)? Any suggestions for what color to paint the bedrooms? Have your summers been as hot as ours?


11 thoughts on “I’m baaaaack!

  1. I love your house and what you’ve done with it so far!!! It’s so super adorable and you’ve chosen some really great (and versatile) colors for your decor! I may have to steal and idea here and there from you. . .hope you don’t mind! 😉

  2. Hi! I found your blog on the Pinterest Challenge Day on YHL! I had clicked on your cute canvas project- then realized we must be neighbors. My husband and I got married and bought our first house a mile from White Rock Lake two years ago. Small world! Love the blog.

    • That’s crazy! We love to bike and take our puppy to the dog park off Mockingbird, so it was a perfect fit for us. We just love the area!

      I’m so glad you liked our artwork! It was so super easy and fun!

      • Yes, we love that dog park too! And we both just got our first bikes 2 weeks ago…waiting for it to cool off a little for daily rides!

        Can’t wait to see what y’all do to your home…our house was built in 1961 and we’ve had fun transforming it the past two years.

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  4. Such a cute/awesome house!:) we have been in our first house for 3 weeks, I wish we could wave a magic wand and make it all done!:)

  5. Glad to see you’re back! the house looks great, I especially like the arched doorway. Oh and regarding little “quirks” that drive me nuts… there’s only one centered window in our apartment. Plus it has a lot of corners and weirdly angled walls, ugh.

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