The Boss Has Surgery


Ok, first things first, this is “the hubs”, so this post will be lacking the female eloquence only my wife can provide.  Also, it may have a few Star Wars / Lord of the Rings / Monty Python references (Maybe even a Family Guy spoof of a Star Wars joke) if I find good places to put them.  You may ask, why is Kevin writing this instead of Jess?  Well, Jess is in a temporary state of drug induced semi-conciousness.  In short, she had shoulder surgery on Thursday.  See, Jess has a nasty habit of popping her arm out of socket.  Lets recap: In the past two years, we’ve: 

  • Rode in 3 ambulances
  • Tried to speak English to a French doctor
  • Took 15 minute boat ride  to shore (12 foot seas) while Jess is screaming in pain
  • A 1-hour trip down one flight stairs at our old apartment
  • Thousands in medical bills
  • Lived with fear of doing anything that involves Jess’ right arm

    Jess with her sling: Live long and prosper

Needless to say, it was time to do something.  Therefore, Thursday at 5AM, we got up, and went in to the surgery center.  She went back to get prepped for surgery and I got to talk to her doctor.  Of course, he had to be  a completely normal looking guy a ripped ex-MLB player; at least Jess will be excited for her checkups.  Oh well, as long as he’s good, who cares.   Jess’ Mom, Grandma (“Mamaw”), and Great Grandma (“Grandmother”) all drove down from Indiana (14 hour drive!) on Wednesday so they could help her recover.  Well, the doctor came out and explained everything to us:  If she weighs the same as aduck, then she’s a witch! (Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail).  Really, he said she’ll have arthroscopic surgery and have her right arm (she’s a righty) be immobilized for two months.  So, for two months, Jess has joined the Dark Side (she’ll be a lefty like me).   She came out after about 2 hours (perfect surgery doc said) and has been in at home recovering since (Yay for having a chaise lounge on our couch!). 

Well, off to get more ice for Jess, she’ll be wiring again when she gets coherent (may be shorter entries depending how she feels).  Come on back when you get a chance!  Oh, for all you married female bloggers out there, go ahead and challenge your “Hubs” to write an entry.  This one has been fun for me!


7 thoughts on “The Boss Has Surgery

    • Thanks Kristen! Today is my first day of really getting around the house (and out)! I’m hoping to get a new post or two up tomorrow (my mom has been here since the surgery helping me to both recover and to get some things accomplished around the little house), so check back soon!

  1. I’m glad you’re surgery went amazingly well!

    I pop my shoulder a lot & have shoulder pain (mostly when it rains, weird). I was in a car accident a year ago that messed up the muscles in my shoulder (according to my physical therapist). What kind of problems were you having? Maybe I should get surgery too?

    • Thanks Melanie! It has been a lot less pain than I’d expected (although, to be honest, I was expecting the worst).

      I have suffered shoulder dislocations my whole life. I don’t mean pop-out-pop-in-no-big-deal-dislocations. I mean arms-out-flopping-I’m-screaming-ambulance-ride-and-serious-painkillers dislocations. After it dislocated again while scuba diving on my honeymoon in the South Pacific, I decided it was time to get it repaired. I had it scoped on Aug 4. They tightened my ligaments with some sutures and screws. They said it was a “best case” surgery- the damage wasn’t as bad as they’d expected. I’m in a sling for at least six weeks, then I start PT.

      I hope your shoulder feels better soon! For me at least, the surgery is a pain in the patoot, but I just keep telling my self that in just a few months I’ll be back to running, cycling, and tennis!

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  3. I just discovered your blog through YHL and I’ve been enjoying going through your posts. So sorry you had to go through this! How are you doing with your recovery? Are you still working throughout — I’m basically asking about cabin fever! Looking forward to reading more from you, and take care! 🙂

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