This is not what I had intended to post today.

I had intended to share the curtains I made for the kitchen and talk about how I was going to hang them. Riveting stuff, I know.

But I woke up this morning to discover this:

Inky Rug

In case you can’t tell, that’s the remnants of a blue ink pen on our new-ish wool rug that’s been devoured by a dog that shall remain nameless (but it was definitely one of these two).

Rosie & Indy

The trouble is I have no idea how to get ink out of a 100% wool rug. My sister suggested WD40 (having tried it successfully herself) and another friend suggested hairspray. Do you have any tips? I’m desperate!


16 thoughts on “Help.

  1. Eeek! No suggestions here (though I’ve heard the hairspray thing for ink on laundry). It stinks that the ink got on the white part and not the blue!

  2. Oh no!! OxiClean maybe? Blue Dawn dish soap (because that cures everything)? I once used non-acetone nail polish remove on a Q-tip to blot up a pen mark on a pair of khakis, but it was much smaller of a mark than this…might be worth a shot though? Let us know if you figure something out!

    • I thought about OxiClean and you’re the second person to recommend nail polish remover (I asked the admin here at the office… I really am desperate).

      And I will definitely do a follow-up post on everything I try!

  3. So I may or may not have spilled a full glass of carrot juice onto our blue and white wool rug (spoiler: I totally did).
    I added a little bit of laundry detergent to a cup of cold water, mixed it up, and poured a little bit on the stain. Let the water/soap mixture sit for a little bit and then start blotting the stains with a paper towel. After a lot of pouring and blotting (do not scrub because that’ll only spread it), it completely came out!
    Good luck!

  4. I have had great success with hairspray to get ink out of clothes. I think the key is using one that an alcohol base (most do. especially the cheap kind you don’t mind wasting) It is like it almost re-liquifies the ink.

  5. Oh noooooo 😦 a word of warning with nail polish remover- it can change the colour of the actual rug as well (speaking from experience with navy blue nail polish on beige carpet that are now bright pink splotches). Have you ever heard of pink solution? I would try that. And there’s also a spot cleaner that you can get at Home Depot that I swear by (works on everything… Blood, red wine, you name it!)… It’s called folex and it is amazing!! Try that. At least it’s a bit gentler for the first attempts.

      • Good luck! I have used folex on our wool rug with great results. I don’t think there’s anything that I have attempted to get off using it that hasn’t worked. And pink solution is the same way, but I’m just partial to Folex 🙂

  6. I hope you got it out! When I was cleaning a white rug I used hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Saturated it with peroxide, sprinkled with the soda, let it dry and vacuumed it up later. That seemed to work, but I have no idea about wool and what it would do for the color! eek. Obviously I would do tiny test spots first. OxiClean takes out a lot of things. I use this awful yellow eye drop at work and it stains everything, the only thing that always works is OxiClean.

  7. One tip that I have learned, is that after you use a cleaning chemical on a rug (oxi clean or dish soap) is that you need to try to get that out of the rug afterwards. So when our dog got into the nutella on our beige rug, we used dish soap to get the chocolate out, then blotted with vinegar to pull out the dish soap, then finally sprayed water and blotted that up to get the vinegar out. Weird I know, but it worked.

  8. Rubbing alcohol! Test it on a small spot first but one of my dogs did the same thing to our new couch. Blot it with a cotton ball and you’ll be able to see it coming out. Make sure not to rub it though, it will make the stain spread

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