Curtain Call

Lately, we’ve been working our way through the Little House one room at a time, deep cleaning, organizing, and finishing up any little projects that were left half done. As we’ve been working, I’ve realized that most of the rooms in the LH don’t feel much different than when we moved in. We’ve painted and even hung a few things on the walls, but for the most part, they still feel empty. I’ve decided the reason is a lack of curtains.

Curtains just make a room feel more finished (and the Little House could definitely use a dose of “finished”).  So I’ve decided to try and get some curtains up, even if they’re simple and temporary. First up? The kitchen.

There are two windows in our kitchen, a small one over the sink and a larger one at the end of the room.

Kitchen Before

I’m pretty sure that I want to make a faux Roman shade for the larger window (maybe something like YHL did here?), but I’m not sure what I want to do for the other window. Because it is so small, I’m worried that a Roman shade might block too much light.

Instead, I’m thinking of going with something like this (the original link is broken, so if you know where this came from let me know and I’ll link up to it).


Oh, and I think I might use this fabric. It’s actually curtains from Ikea that I bought for another room and decided not to use. It seems a waste not to use them for something.


I’ve got a few free nights coming up, so I hope to tackle these curtains this week!

Do you have curtains in your kitchen? What would you do on the smaller window? Is that Ikea fabric crazy or what? I’m still not sure what I think about it.


20 thoughts on “Curtain Call

  1. I really like that fabric! Do you know if it’s still available?
    We don’t have window treatments in the kitchen. I debated adding one but ultimately decided against it because I fear it would get too dirty, and it’s not like we need one to obscure the view from outside neighbors like in the other rooms… I do love how they make a room look finished though, just like you mentioned.

  2. I love that fabric! We actually don’t have curtains in our kitchen. We took down the nasty blinds and never got around to replacing them or putting a curtain up. I love that idea though! I might just have to try that out!

    • Exactly! I love the idea that I can let as little or as much light in as I want! Although, I grew up in the middle of nowhere and am used to having my windows and curtains wide open for the world to see all the time. I’m not used to being in the city and having nosy people looking in my windows!

  3. Hi! Love the fabric – fun and bright! I like the roman shade for the large window, but would do an inside mount to show off the moulding (which has great character). For the window over the sink, I like the idea of the inspiration curtain style. Oh, and the other day, I realized we have essentially the same fixture as you have in the kitchen. Ours is a single pendant in the laundry room. I put an Edison bulb in it and it jazzed things up a bit. You might try those bulbs for yours and see if you like it better.

  4. WHY do I have so much trouble commenting on your blog?! Stupid wordpress wants me to log in every time. Then when I attempt it, it’s all “ohhhh no… you’re not authorized to hack into this site!” Even though I wasn’t trying to hack, but just comment. And by now I can’t even remember what I was trying to say. Something about curtains. 😡

  5. I love that fabric! It might bring a nice dose of cheer to your kitchen!

    I found you via YHL and read your blog start to finish. I am new to the DFW area.

    • I’m so glad you stopped by!

      If you ever want the scoop on DFW, let me know! After three years here we think we have this place figured out! You can email me anytime at littlehousebigheart {at} gmail {dot} com.

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