Raisin’ Some Cane

Things are a little slow around the Little House these days. We’re grilling, spring cleaning, and finishing up our backyard reno – but all that doesn’t leave much time for any other projects.

Luckily, I have an awesome sister who was willing to let me share one of her projects with you. Say hi to Steph (and Nate) everyone!

Steph and Nate for LHBH

Like Kev and me, Steph and Nate love hitting up thrift shops, auctions, and yard sales. Although, they’re much better at it than we are. Just this weekend they bought an antique piano for $5. Turns out it’s worth more than $1000!  And take a look at these Louix XV Cane chairs they scored for $40 (for the pair!!) from Goodwill.  Gorgeous, right?


Louis XV Cane Chair Repurpose Before 1

Louis XV Cane Chair Repurpose Before 2You’ll have to ignore Cojack. He’s lazy.

A quick search on Pinterest and Etsy will show you lots of examples of just how gorgeous these babies can be. Click on the photo below to be taken to the source.

Vintage Cane Chairs

Vintage Cane Chairs inspiration

Steph is currently in the middle of completely making over both chairs. When she’s done, we’ll be back with a play-by-play of exactly how she transformed her chairs from Goodwill to gorgeous.

For now, here’s a taste of the direction she’s going (and it’s awesome).

Louis XV Cane Chair Repurpose During

Does thrifting run in your family? Do you have the gene? Or are you at the shallow end of the thrifing gene pool?


12 thoughts on “Raisin’ Some Cane

  1. I just got a cane rocking chair from my grandpa’s house. Did your sister have to do anything with restoring the cane itself? I hear it can last a while if you take great care of it otherwise it can get saggy and or brittle.

    PS: Goodwill to Gorgeous needs to be a blog series somewhere (if not already).

  2. Those chairs are awesome! It makes me want to go hit up Goodwill right now! I don’t think the thrifting gene runs in my family, but I’m determined that I will overcome that deficiency and be a thrifting fiend!
    I’d love to get more details as she works on the chair; I see so many chairs I want to recover, but I’m always worried I’ll mess it up!

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