Thrill of the Grill: A Giveaway

Kevin and I are really excited to announce our “Thrill of the Grill” series!


We had originally planned on doing a week, but when we sat down to pick our our favorite grilling recipes we couldn’t narrow it down to just five.  Instead, we’re going to be featuring a grill recipe every Friday throughout the entire summer!


So to kick things off right, we’re giving away one of our favorite grilling tools – skewers!

7pc Skewer Set by Weber

We love this set because the handy stand allows for easy turning and keeps your kabobs from sticking to the grill! Plus, it’s made by Weber (and they pretty much wrote the book on grilling).

THE SWAG: One Weber 7-piece Skewer Set

TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell us your all-time favorite grill story. Have you ever accidentally caught your teriyaki chicken on fire or saved a party with your perfectly grilled burgers? Maybe your dog ran off with your grilled pizza (it happened to us last week) or you trekked out in 12 inches of snow to fire up the grill in January?

GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 11:59 pm

NUMBER OF WINNERS: One lucky LHBH reader

THE FINE PRINT: One entry per e-mail address. Well select the winner using and announce it here on Friday. Good luck!


39 thoughts on “Thrill of the Grill: A Giveaway

  1. Oh my goodness I can’t believe your dog stole the pizza! I’m trying to think of a good grill story, but British climate being as it is, we don’t grill that much! (And we call it barbecuing!).

  2. Our best grill story is that during our new house purchase, we had to move into an apartment for 5 weeks between selling and buying. Our storage unit was already full so the grill was placed outside of our apartment. Apparently this was against the rules (which he didn’t look into because it was such a short stay) and since we had to move it or pay a hefty fine, we pulled it inside into the storage “bedroom” so it couldn’t be seen by management anymore 🙂 Please don’t tell on us.

  3. I have a friend’s grilling story to share…he went outside and smelled gas, so he called in the energy company immediately. Turns out it was his grill that was leaking it! Whoops!

  4. We grilled last night! I think our best grill story is when Forrest singed his arm hair off after lighting my parents much, much larger oil barrel grill! The hot dogs were good though!

  5. we don’t have any pups to steal our pizza (too funny), but we do have our own clumsy selves to deal with. we often cook quesadillas on the grill (we grill the chicken, then put all the schtuff between the tortillas, then grill the whole thing) in our handy-dandy quesadilla flipper. while it holds the top and bottom together very well, it doesn’t keep anything in the sides, which we learned the hard way! take-away lesson: make sure the cheese is melted enough to keep all the schtuff “glued” in there BEFORE you flip it – otherwise it all ends up in grill pit, argh! love grilling though, and this skewer set would be a sweet score!

  6. Oh no! I can’t believe the dog took your pizza! Hopefully they didnt’ burn themselves (and you had a back up plan for dinner! haha). We BBQ all the time! A few weeks ago ours caught on major fire though! Shayne was preoccupied so it was left to me to fight the fire. The lid was closed and there were at least 3 foot high flames shooting out the top and out from the bottom of the bbq. It was crazy. There was tons of smoke and our neighbours all came onto their decks to watch and gawk. I ended up having to grab the hose to get the flames out because I couldn’t risk opening the lid. What I forgot to remember was that our dog always attacks the hose. She loooooves to bite at the water so here I was trying to spray out the bbq fire and she’s jumping around and lunging at the hose… so glad all the neighbours saw that one. Needless to say- we had take out that night.

  7. Every time my friends grill for some holiday, we end up with WAY too much food. Pizza + Burgers + Wings + Buffalo Burgers + Brats for about 4-5 people. We just get a little bit carried away and can never decide on what to cook. And it always leads to yummy leftovers.

  8. A couple of years ago we decided to celebrate a friend’s birthday with a bbq in a public park. The weather was great, but it worsened quickly and by the time we got there & set the grill it was freezing!! We scarfed down the food and went back to our place with the drinks to continue the party…

  9. Those skewers look awesome! Let’s see…we had my parents two years ago for steak on the grill. Kevin forgot to remove some “part” off the grill before he lit it…oh yeah, he almost burned down our entire deck. Yes, the fireman almost burned down his deck. Needless to say, we didn’t have steak on the grill. 😉

    • Been there, done that! Winters are so warm here that we can use the grill year round, but before we redid the backyard we had no lights out there. Since it gets dark at about 5:45 in December here, we had no choice to resort to one of us holding the Maglite and the other one grilling!

  10. No funny grill stories here. Although when we first moved in and got a grill we would always run out of propane at the worst times. Eventually we learned to have two on hand.

  11. We can’t grill at our current apartment, so we have to sneakily use the in-laws grill at their house. No funny stories…yet! Crossing my fingers that our future “funny story” isn’t a disaster. 🙂

  12. I live in Syracuse, NY so grilling in the winter with several feet of snow is no big deal. We have an extra propane burner for my boyfriend’s giant 22″ wok ( That thing is ridiculous! We use the burner to boil wort for homebrew in the winter. It’s great in the snow because we can stick the pot in a snowbank to cool the wort quickly.

    I think my funniest grill story is a gross one about burgers. I like adding chopped onions to my hamburgers. I must have accidentally left a burger on the grill because the next time I went to use it, sure enough, there was a burger complete with white chunks…except it wasn’t onion, it was crawling with maggots! I make sure the grill is cleaned off every time now.

  13. It was years ago, but my newly wed hubs and I were attempting to smoke a big roast for a family gathering. We left it outside overnight and woke to the whole grill turned over and the roast gone (we of course suspect a dog). But what now to feed the family we had coming over in a few hours? Panic. But we survived, and had a great story of the Roast Robbery!

  14. We used to only own one of those old circular grills that you have to put coal in. It was bright red, and I remember that every time we used it our hands got so messy!

  15. Just last weekend we were invited to a redneck themed birthday party. Dallas was put in charge of the grill and looked miiiiiighty fine doing it in his shorty-jorts and sleeveless American flag shirt. (MERICA!)

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