A {Coffee} Table for Two

Last weekend, while waiting for a dinner reservation, Kevin and I stumbled on the mother of all thrift stores. It was huge! (If you’re in the Dallas area, it was the UGM Super Thrift in Irving right off of 183).

We had half an hour to kill, so decided to wander around a-la the Macklemore Thriftshop Challenge and see what we could find.

We found this beauty and took her home for just under $40.

thrift shop coffee table

coffee table

We’re not exactly sure what we’re going to do with it yet (besides give it a good scrubbing), but right now I’m leaning towards a glossy navy paint job. I haven’t decided what I think about the goldish brass squares (part of me loves them, part of me isn’t so sure), but I do love the corner bracket details.

Heck, I may slap some 4″ foam on the top and upholster the dang thing. I don’t know yet.

What would you do with this thrift shop beauty? How do you feel about the gold squares? Have you found any great thrift shop finds lately?



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10 thoughts on “A {Coffee} Table for Two

  1. Oh I love it! I think I’d try to change the gold squares for glass – not sure if it’s possible / too expensive though. I really love the corner details too.

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