Finishing the Backyard

After our two week trip to Europe, and impromptu camping trip to Oklahoma for Memorial Day weekend and a bout with food poisoning, I think we’re finally back to business around the Little House.

Our main goal at the moment is to push through and finish the backyard. We’re so close to being 100% done with this project that we don’t want start anything else until we’ve finished.

Outdoor Target String Lights Over Patio

So what do we have left to do?

We’re nearly done painting the deck. Once that’s finished, we’ll be able to make the final push to the end.

Capture 3

I think that if we work at it, two more weekends can have our backyard completely finished and we can get started on our next project… the office floor!

How do you push through to the finish of projects? What projects are you trying to finish up?


8 thoughts on “Finishing the Backyard

  1. The deck looks awesome already! We’re terrible at finishing projects… right now we have to finish the TV console and a wood trunk for the patio. The weather is not cooperating at all though.

  2. I just keep envisioning the end of my projects and that is what keeps me going. ML and I have to do that often since we are starting on month seven of our kitchen renovation. All we need is a couple more good weekends. I hope you guys have some beautiful weather so y’all can wrap yours up.

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