Europe 2013: Florence

We’re slowly but surely starting to settle back into life at the Little House after our whirlwind European tour. This week we’re catching up on laundry, mowing the lawn (it’s a jungle out there), cleaning house, and washing the puppies (they need it).

Since we’re a little light on the DIY this week, we’ll be sharing photos from our recent trip with you today (I finally got WordPress to cooperate)!

Be sure to check out our photos from Munich, Innsbruck, and Venice while you’re here! Today we’re off to Florence!

Florence Santa Croce 2

Santa Croce Cathedral

Florence Santa Croce 3

Santa Croce

Florence Santa Croce 5

The archangel from Donatello’s relief of the Annunciation in Santa Croce Cathedral

Florence Santa Croce 1

Azaleas in the cloisters of Santa Croce (I have not edited this photo… they were that brilliantly pink)

Florence Santa Croce 4

Pistachio and Dark Chocolate gelato on the Piazza Santa Croce

Florence Scooters 1

Scooters in Florence

Florence Piazza della Signoria 1

Tourists wander in the late afternoon sun at the Piazza della Signoria

Florence Duomo 1

Santa Maria del Fiore (the Duomo) just before dawn

Florence Duomo 3

Death, as portrayed on Brunelleschi’s dome at Santa Maria del Fiore

Florence Duomo 2

The duomo at Midnight

Florence Ponte Vecchio 1

Street lights reflect off the Arno River and illuminate the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Florence Ponte Vecchio 2

The first stars of the night are visible over the Arno River and Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Florence Piazza Michelangelo Sunrise 2

Sunrise over Santa Maria del Fiore and Santa Croce from the Piazza Michelangelo

Florence Piazza Michelangelo Sunrise 1

Sunrise over Tuscany from the Piazza Michelangelo

Just like Innsbruck and Venice, we wish we’d had more time to spend in Florence! We hope you enjoyed our photos (especially you, Mom)! We’ll be back tomorrow with our photos from Rome, the last stop on our trip!


11 thoughts on “Europe 2013: Florence

  1. Next time, u had better figure out how to pack in a backpack only, because I am going to be your other piece of luggage!!!!!…The pix are gorgeous…..not sure, but maybe you should have studied photography!!!…….I hope to be able to go there with you some day….drop a “not so subtle” hint to your dad about what a great 30th wedding anniversary surprise that would be!!!! Love you both!!!!!!

  2. Love seeing these! Makes me wish I have spent more than 24 hours in Florence. We didn’t really get time to see anything that wasn’t nearby or completely touristy.

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