Europe 2013: Venice

We’re slowly but surely starting to settle back into life at the Little House after our whirlwind European tour. This week we’re catching up on laundry, mowing the lawn (it’s a jungle out there), cleaning house, and washing the puppies (they need it).

Since we’re a little light on the DIY this week, we’ll be sharing photos from our recent trip with you today (I finally got WordPress to cooperate)!

You can check out our first stop, Munich, Germany, here and the second city of our trip, Innsbruck, Austria here. Today we’re sharing our photos from Venice, Italy with you.

Venice Grand Canal 1

A Gondolier goes by on the Grand Canal in Venice

Venice Grand Canal 2

The sun comes out on the Grand Canal in Venice

Venice Canal Walk 6

A colorful home along a small canal in Venice

Venice Canal Walk 5

Ivy covers a wall on a Venetian side street

Venice Canal Walk 4

The view from the front door of our B&B in Venice

Venice Canal Walk 3

A Venetian Window

Venice Canal Walk 2

Colorful homes and flowers along a canal in Venice

Venice Canal Walk 1

A disused door decays along a canal in Venice

Venice Lido 1

The sunset over Venice from the shores of Lido

I hope you enjoyed our Venice photos! We’ll be back tomorrow to share photos from Florence!


9 thoughts on “Europe 2013: Venice

  1. I’ve been to Italy a couple of times, but never to Venice, it’s on my someday list. Beautiful pics! Hope you figure out the WP problems soon…

  2. Isn’t it fabulous!?! It was rainy and overcast most days I had been there so none of the colors I photographed were so vivid. You’re pictures look amazing!

    • No kidding! The winning Powerball ticket was bought at the same store where Kevin’s parents do their grocery shopping! When we heard that the winner was from Zephyrhills, FL, we though for sure it was them.

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