Europe 2013: Innsbruck

We’re slowly but surely starting to settle back into life at the Little House after our whirlwind European tour. This week we’re catching up on laundry, mowing the lawn (it’s a jungle out there), cleaning house, and washing the puppies (they need it).

Since we’re a little light on the DIY this week, we’ll be sharing photos from our recent trip with you today.

You can check out our first stop, Munich, Germany, here. Today we’re off to the second city of our trip, Innsbruck, Austria.

Innsbruck Hafelekarspitze 1

Halfway up the Hafelekarspitze

Innsbruck Hafelekarspitze 2

Suddenly the clouds parted and we saw this (at the summit of the Hafelekarspitze).

Innsbruck Hafelekarspitze 3

A cross seen on a near by mountain from the summit of the Hafelekarspitze.

Innsbruck Hafelekarspitze 4

The first flowers of spring bloom next to snow on the Hafelekarspitze

Innsbruck Altstadt 1

A group of friend joke as the walk through Innsbruck’s Altstadt

Innsbruck Altstadt 3

A view of Innsbruck from the Stadtturm


Along the River Inn

Innsbruck Altstadt 4

The same view of the River Inn at night

Innsbruck Hofburg 1

The Giant’s Hall at the Innsbruck Hofburg

Innsbruck Hofkirche 1

A Funeral Statue of King Arthur at the Innsbruck Hofkirche

We fell in love with Innsbruck and wish we’d had more time to spend there before leaving for our next stop, Venice! Check back tomorrow for our photos from there!


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