Paint: 7 Ways to Wow

Good morning! Today we left Rome for the last stop on our Europe trip, a 24-hour layover in London! We’re so excited to be back in the UK but so not ready for this trip to be over! To help us finish it in style we have Krystle from Color Transformed Family here today to teach us seven ways you can transform your home with paint!

Not only is Krystle a phenomenal blogger and mom to a gorgeous baby girl, but she and her husband are working towards adopting a child from Hong Kong! Their story is really inspiring, so be sure to check out their (ongoing) adoption story!


Hi! My name is Krystle and I am so excited to be guest posting here at Little House Big Heart today while Jessica is off having a wonderful time in Europe! I’m the girl behind the blog, Color Transformed Family, where I like to share all things design, family, and life changing happening in our lives.

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Today I thought it would be fun to look at:

7 Ways to Use Paint

1. Furniture
Painting furniture is a great way to do a quick update to a room as well a give an old piece of furniture new life.
 photo after.jpg

My husband and I found this old Duncan Phyfe table for twenty bucks at a yardsale. It had seen better days and was quite beat up but with a little sanding and some paint it’s hard to recognize it now. The best part is that I made my own chalk board paint for the top of the table so that I kids can draw color on it!
Painted furniture is also a great way to add bold color to the room. Like we did with this changing table in my daughter, Noah’s room.

 photo dresser.jpg

2. Artwork
Creating your own artwork is a great way to decorate your house on a budget. Craft stores are great about offering a two for one or 50% discount on canvases and craft paint is super inexpensive. If you don’t feel brave enough to get your Monet on just yet another affordable way to update your home decor is to give an old frame a fresh coat of paint…or give new life to some old pottery with just a few coats of paint. photo DSCN4922.jpgBoth of these projects can be completed in an afternoon and if you are brave enough… get the kids to help.

3. Wall/Cover Plates photo DSCN3938copy.jpg
Ok. This one is super easy. If you live an older home like me your probably have inexpensive beige (or white if you’re lucky) cover plates for your light switches and electrical sockets. Replacing them with satin nickel or bronze cover plates can become expensive quickly. However, with a little spray paint you can update your existing ones and it will only set you back a couple of bucks. We did this last summer to our cover plates in our bedroom and now almost one year later they are still holding up well. No scratches or chipped paint on any of them!

4. Walls
At first this one seems like an obvious way to use paint. Coat a brush and spread it on the walls. Right? Well, yeah. But you can also add a silver metallic glaze over the paint for a super elegant accent wall or maybe a touch of shimmer for your powder room. photo after.jpgThis project may take a day or two but is sooo worth it in the end.

5. Planters photo backyard.jpgBig colorful planters look great on a deck or integrated into your landscape design. Bright vivid colors really stand out against all the green foliage. If all you have on hand is old plastic planters don’t run out to buy new ones just take some time to give your existing ones new life with a little spray paint. A few coats of paint and they look like new. Plus it will be easy to update them in a few years if your color preferences change.

6. Knife Stand
 photo finishedstand.jpg
This cute idea I saw on Pinterest and just had to give it a try myself. Update your plain jane knife stand with a fresh coat of paint to match your kitchen decor. We are currently in the long DIY process of renovating our kitchen. I went straight from painting the walls Sherwin William’s Lemon Chiffon to painting our knife stand the same color. I love how it brings a little of the Lemon Chiffon to the counter areas and dresses up the look of the previously drab knife stand. This could potentially be done with several items in your kitchen… recipe stand, flower vase, picture frames.

7. Glass (in the medicine cabinet)
Painting glass is great for privacy and an easy way to add some color to an otherwise bland room. Is anyone catching a drift here? Need some color… paint!
 photo DSCN3613.jpg
My name is Krystle and I struggle with organization. There I said it. Haha! So painting the glass in our medicine cabinet was the perfect solution to hiding all our junk. This same method could be used elsewhere too. For instance with vases.

The list above is definitely not an exhaustive list of different ways to use paint but it’s enough to get your creativity juices flowing. What are some of the creative and unique ways you have used paint? What is your favorite paint medium… acrylic, oil, spray, latex?

I want to give another huge “Thank You” to Jessica for letting me be her guest blogger for today. I hope to see you all soon over at Color Transformed Family.

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