For the Moms in Your Life

Happy almost Mother’s Day! Kevin and I are enjoying Rome! We’re really wishing we could have brought everyone we love with us on this trip to share all the amazing experiences with them (especially our moms)!

Here today to share some great Mother’s Day gift ideas is my favorite Canadian blogger, Christine from Casa-de-Christine! Christine is a newlywed blogger and a really talented artist! When you’ve read her post here, run over to her blog and check out the painting of her dog, Jixer, she did! It’s awesome!


Hi Little House Readers! I am so flattered that Jess and Kevin think I’m capable of holding down the fort for them while they are away enjoying Europe! I hope I don’t let them down!

I wanted to take this chance to discuss some Mother’s Day gift ideas. It’s coming up soon and deciding what to get each year is always a struggle for me. I mean- mom’s are pretty great! It’s hard to find something worthy of conveying what they mean to you. I tried to round up some good ideas for a few different categories so hopefully if you’re still searching for the right gift, one of these will be just what you were hoping for! These are not projects done by me, please click the coordinating link (in number form) below the images for the original source and/or tutorial.

For the fabric loving mom

fabric gift ideas
1,  2,  3

A table runner is a fun gift idea- whether it be DIY-ed like this one shown with a cute cross stitch detail or something store bought. They can be used everyday or on special occasions and will always remind her of you.

This fun embroidery hoop art is adorable and so fun! Print family photos on fabric and then add some fun details like a necklace or neck tie with embroidery thread. Do a set of you and your siblings- I’m sure she’ll love it!

Print a treasured family recipe onto dishtowels or an apron. Maybe it’s something she made with her mother before you or just a favourite recipe you remember from growing up.

For the gardener mama

plant gift ideas
1, 2, 3

These hand painted flower pots are adorable. Go for an abstract look like this, tape off some simple stripes or try a dipped look. Fill it with a simple plant and you’re set.

These chevron wood planters are amazing. DIY a set or find something similar store bought. A unique planter is a great addition to your mom’s home and something she can treasure for a long time.

Terrariums are super popular right now. They are beautiful and low maintenance. Spice it up by adding a fun detail like a small figurine or animal.
For the foodie Ma

food gift ideas
1, 2, 3

Everyone loves some home made baked goods! Your mom will surely appreciate you taking the time to bake up something yummy and the best part is you can taste test the extras. It’s for her safety after all. The butterscotch shortbread cookies, salted caramel sauce or glazed lemon loaf are all fantastic ideas. Package it up with some bakers twine and craft paper or in a fun jar and you’re set!
For the art loving mother

art gift ideas
1, 2, 3

These exploded flower prints are amazing. Click that link (#1 above) and check them out. A few of these in frames would be gorgeous!! You could always snap some of your own photos to recreate it in true DIY style too.

This gather sign would be great in a kitchen or dining room. I don’t know about your family, but my mom’s house is where we always gather as a family. It would look great hanging by itself, over a doorway or as part of a gallery wall.

Follow this tutorial (#3 above) to format text into a letter or shape. I think this could be great if you used the lyrics to a favourite song that makes you think of your mom or a lullaby she sung you growing up. Maybe a favourite story or poem from your childhood. There are so many options. Put it in the shape of something that is meaningful or pretty and it’s a sentimental gift that will surely impress your mom.

Can’t leave out the Grandmas!! 

gift ideas for grandmas
1, 2, 3
Grandmas always love things that are made by or remind them of their grand kids. Modge Podge some of their artwork to the top of a decorative box. It looks chic, is functional and reminds them of their sweet grand child- doesn’t get better than that!
Make a photo book mark of their favourite grandchildren using a photo. They will surely smile every time they use it.
Embroider a favourite drawing onto a tea towel or apron. It’s such a sweet detail and a fun way to incorporate kid art into the home in a chic way.
Hopefully some of these ideas will spur your creativity and you’ll find just the right thing to show your mom how much you care! When it comes down to it though, it’s really all about spending some time with them and taking the time to call or do some small gesture to let them know you love them and are thankful for them.
Here’s to all the mom’s out there!

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