Loving Your Little House

Good Morning, again! Kevin and I are leaving Florence this morning and making our way south to Rome! We’re so excited about this portion of our trip! We’ve both been to Rome before, but never together! And while we’re enjoying our trip, we’re really missing the Little House.
Here today to share why she loves her Little House Flat, is Annabel from Annabel Vita! On her blog, Annabel covers everything from recipes and sewing to the best places to swim in the Loire Valley, France! I love reading her blog and I hope you do, too!
PS. Annabel, your flat is almost 200 years older than the Little House! She was built in 1940 (and we think she’s old)!
Hey Little House lovers!I’m Annabel Vita and I live in a teeny flat in small city in England with my very tall soon-to-be husband and my enormous collection of baskets. Although I often yearn for more space, there are some things I love about living small and I thought I shared them with fans of Jess and Kevin’s Little House.

1) Clean up is a breeze! I can hoover pretty much our entire flat from one socket. If people are coming over and the place is a tip, I can get it from chaos to calm in about an hour, tops, including cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

2) Every corner of our home is filled with something we love. We still have some bits of filler/Ikea furniture, but we have a few pieces that we love love love and the fact our flat is so small means it feels just full of treasured things.

treasured things
3) Mr V and I are always close. Even if we’re at opposite ends of the flat, we can still talk. I love that. (He doesn’t love it when I follow him into the tiny kitchen and get in his way, but that’s a different story.) Having a small flat means our living room is our TV room, office, sewing room and dining room.We often spend weekend days in the same room working on different things and it’s just lovely and companionable. One day, I’d love to have a sewing room of my own but I’d miss being in the same room all the time.

favourite furniture

4) Everything is to hand. It takes a special type of kitchen ballet to make a fancy meal or bake a cake in our kitchen as there is so little counter space, but all the ingredients and all the tools are right within reach. I love getting in there with the door shut, putting the radio on and making things. It feels like my own little world!

tiny kitchen

5) I kind of love how little clothes storage we have. It means I have to ruthless edit what I keep out every season (excess is under the bed or at my mum’s house), but it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. I honestly think I’m better dressed now than I was when I lived on my own with a huuuuuge wardrobe crammed with all my clothes.
limited clothing storage

6) If you read my blog you’ll be bored of hearing me say this, but honestly what I love most about living small is the opportunities it gives us. Our location is so incredible it makes me want to throw privacy to the wind and hand out my postcode so you could google it! We also have large windows and incredible original features from when the property was built in 1745. These are things we couldn’t afford if we had more space, and they all add up to a home that makes us really, really happy, even if it’s pretty small.

living room desk

Thanks Jess and Kev! I hope you’re having a wonderful time away and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait to hear all about it.


12 thoughts on “Loving Your Little House

  1. We went from a one bedroom to a two bedroom and then back to a one, and I can honestly say I prefer having a smaller space. Joe and I are always in the same room -albiet doing different things – which is nice, especially since we have such busy schedules lately.

  2. Great post! I love the idea of living in a smaller space. I actually miss it for all those reasons. When Kevin and I first met I owned the tinest condo in the city of Chicago…couldn’t beat the location, but boy was it tiny!! I miss the days of cleaning in an hour and spending lots of time together. Thanks for sharing Annabel!

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