Feeling Bubbly

Hey bloggy friends! Kevin and I are headed to Florence today! Our trip is almost half over already – I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

Today we have one of my best blog friends, Ashley from Attempts at Domestication, here to teach us how to make her adorable burlap bubble wreath! It’s one of my favorite projects she’s done so far, but be sure to head on over to her blog and check out some of her other awesome projects (like her gorgeous nightstands and DIY dining room curtains)!


Hello there LHBH readers! I’m Ashley from Attempts At Domestication, it’s so nice to meet you! 🙂

While Jess and Kevin are soaking up the luxuries of Europe I’m here sharing some one of my favorite seasonal DIY projects, making wreaths. My favorite wreath I’ve made to date is my burlap bubble wreath.


All you need is about 2 yards of burlap, a foam wreath form, and a pack of sewing pins. If you want to make a wreath like this you really need to use foam, it makes it WAY easier. Start by wrapping a few strips of burlap around the form, so there’s no white foam poking through and pin it in place. I had already jumped into the project at this point but you get the idea.


Now it’s time to make your “bubbles”. Start with a piece of burlap that’s around 4″x4″ (I definitely didn’t measure each square, just eyeball it).


1. Fold the square in half to make a triangle by bringing two corners together. (I used the blue pin to help show you which way I was folding and pinning.)

2. Bring the left corner of the triangle down and line it up with the bottom corner on the front side.

3. Fold the right corner down and line it up on the back side. This is your “bubble.”

4. Pin the bubble to you wreath. It helps if you try to pin it behind the other bubble to hide your pins. I really had to do this since I used colored pins. (They were on sale ;))


Keep going around the circle until you have a full wreath. Don’t worry about decorating the back, unless you really want to, but the wreath will lay flatter on your door without bubbles on the back.


The best part about this wreath is that it can be decorated differently for each season. In the fall I attached a few leaves and some brown ribbon…


…and in the spring I made some fun fabric flowers to brighten things up.


If any of you try this project out I hope you’ll let me know! Happy crafting!

Thanks so much for having me Jess! I hope you’re having a blast! 🙂


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