Chippity-Doo-Dah, Chippity-ay!

Good morning! Kevin and I landed in Munich about fifteen minutes ago (3:45pm local time, 8:45am CDT), so our vacation has officially started!  And here to help us kick it off in style is Kelly from Corner of Main!

Kelly is truly a girl after my own heart! She’s an engineer-turned-eye-doctor and has not just one, but two Kevins in her life: her hunky husband and her incredibly cute baby boy!  On her blog she shares tons of great DIY ideas, recipes, and pictures of her adorable Kevins.

She’s got a great post for you today, so read up here and then head over to Corner of Main to check out more of her blog! Oh, and thanks Kelly!


Hi Everyone! It’s Kelly from Corner of Main. Thanks so much for letting me stop by, Jess and Kevin! Today I am bringing you an awesome tip that I read in This Old House Magazine. It’s a simple way to touch up chipping paint without having to drag out a big ol’ gallon of paint or clean brushes (or all the other fun that comes along with painting).

PaintBeforeAndAFterThis is a Before and After photo of a wall in our nursery. The chair rail was painted white when we moved in, and we put more white paint over it. Unfortunately we realized that whoever painted over the wood trim initially either didn’t sand the wood or didn’t use primer, because it is constantly chipping now! This wall happens to be right behind our rocking chair, so it gets banged into daily. We don’t really feel like stripping the paint, starting from scratch, or lugging the gallon of paint upstairs every other day, so we have been living with the dings…until last week that is!

A couple of months ago I read a great tip in This Old House Magazine and I am happy to share it with you! An easy way to touch up paint without having to deal with the mess and clean up of painting is to fill a small nail polish bottle with your paint color and use it as needed. Genius! As soon as I read this tip I knew I was going to try it in the nursery. It took me a while, but eventually I took out an old bottle of nail polish and some nail polish remover…


I used clear polish just in case there was any pigment leftover (I doubt that was necessary, but I figured what the heck). I began by pouring what was left in the polish bottle in the trash. I then attempted to remove the remainder by pouring nail polish remover into the bottle. This did not work…so definitely skip that step! Go right to the acetone. Kevin had some in the basement, and because it is so strong it worked like a charm. I filled the little bottle up with acetone, closed it up, shook it around, poured it out, and boom…


Clean bottle and brush all ready for paint!

I then made a small funnel with an old water bottle and painters tape (I just had some laying around, I am sure any type of tape would be fine). Obviously I then used the funnel to pour the paint into the tiny bottle.

CollagewithfunnelMake sure you put something on your table first…if you are anything like me you will spill/blob/drip paint all over.


So, that’s it! Now you are ready to do some touching up! This idea can be used for so many things. I know we can use it in our dining room…one too many dog toys hitting the wall has caused some paint to chip off the trim, or in the kitchen…our painted kitchen cabinets have seen better days and I don’t know if we are ready to repaint all of them. So many possibilities!

What do you think? Do you have any chipping paint that could benefit from this? Do you have any other painting tips?


13 thoughts on “Chippity-Doo-Dah, Chippity-ay!

  1. Great tips! We live in a new house but somehow all of our baseboards have gotten chipped somehow or another! We will definitely be adding this to the “honey-do-list” this weekend!

  2. I’m book marking this! All of our trim is peeling due to poor painting and putting doors on the incorrect frames. Thanks for the tip Kelly!

  3. Oh this is great! The door frame in our bathroom chipped a few months ago and I have yet to fix it. I don’t usually have nail polish though… will have to ask someone for their empty bottles.

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