The End of Treemageddon 2013

They came for the tree yesterday. Finally.

It only took a crew of four about 2.5 hours to completely dismantle the tree and remove it from the yard.

tree removal

Now we’re almost back to normal (except for a little sawdust here and there).

No Mo Tree

Is it weird if I want to get the shop vac out and vacuum the yard?


On the upside, we won’t have to try and find firewood this summer for the fire pit (which miraculously survived). We’ve got PLENTY.


And just a sneak peak of what we hope to share with you next week: deck progress! We’re loving how it’s turning out!

Deck Progress

Finishing the deck in on our pre-trip to do list, so hopefully we’ll be able to share the finished deck with you next week. Oh, and I’m so excited about my packing post! Can’t wait to share that either!


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