Gearing Up

Just one week from today Kevin and I head are on the road again for two weeks in Europe, visiting Germany, Austria, and Italy! We’re beyond excited!

We’ve got a crazy week ahead of us with cleaning house, laundry, tree removal (tomorrow, yay!), hosting our Bible Study class (Hiya, Honeymooners!), work craziness, the blog, and even finals (for Kevin’s MBA).  Needless to say, I’ve started listing. So far this week I’ve made a home to-do list, a work to-do list, a Kevin to-do list, packing lists for both of us, and a contact list for our dog sitter. Oh, and I’ve memorized the weekday Dallas metro schedule to DFW airport.


Of course, we’re going to miss all of you while we’re gone. But even though we’re gone for two weeks, you’ll have plenty to read here at LHBH! We’ve got guest posts lined up from the likes of Kelly from Corner of Main, Christine from Casa de Christine, and many more! We’re so excited to have everyone here and go grateful that they were willing to take the time to guest post for us!

We did have a question for you before we go. Do you have any suggestions on where to eat, what to see, or what we absolutely can’t miss in Munich, Germany or Innsbruck, Austria? In Venice, Florence, or Rome, Italy? We know from our previous travels that the best way to see is a city is from recommendations from other people (like Annabel’s awesome tips on London), so share your best travel tips in the comments below! We’d love to explore some of your favorite places!

We’ll be back later this week with more from TREE-mageddon 2013 and some progress on our deck. Oh, and I was thinking of doing a “What’s in my Suitcase” post since I’m packing two weeks in a carry-on! And if you’re one of our guest posters, thanks so much for getting your posts into me! You really rock our socks (and the rest of us)!


16 thoughts on “Gearing Up

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous! Rome is my favorite place in the world! You have to check out Volpetti! It’s a cheese shop in Testaccio (neighborhood in Rome) and it’s run by a precious man named Claudio. He will give you amazing samples of cheese and prosciutto and is so nice. Also try suppli while you’re there.

    Have so much fun!!!

  2. You are going to love it. Ok, Munich suggestions…get an afternoon espresso and sweet treat at Dalmyr (it’s a department store). See the Glockenspiel in the Marienplatz. Go into the Theatinerkirche and just enjoy. And definitely don’t miss the Augustiner Kellar and Biergarten. That’s my #1 suggestion. Have so so much fun and don’t speed if you’re driving through Austria. Oh, and you can pay tolls with credit cards, which is awesome.

  3. I comment for the first time, but I have read your blog since several months (found you via YHL). I come from Germany, but from the north, far away from Munich, nevertheless I’m excited that you visit my home country.
    I have no good recomendations for eating etc, because it has been several years since I last visited Munich. BUT if you have time I definitly recommend visiting the Deutsches Museum, it is a huge technology and natural science museum.

    I hope you like your stay in Munich. At the moment we have nice spring weather, for our part of the world 😉
    Have a nice trip,

  4. Hi Kevin and Jessica! We’ve been to Rome a couple of years ago. What a magnificent city! Our tips: Thermen of Caracalla and Palatino. Of course there are the famous places to go, but Caracalla was at least as beautiful, but so quiet. A relief in a city crowded with tourists. The Palatino is one of the seven hills of Rome, very beautiful. Next to the Palatino there is Forum Romanum, a lot of tourists but impressive. We found The Spanish steps a disappointment, just a couple of steps, full of tourists. (Do you hear a theme here….we’re not that much into crowded places!) Also the Trevi Fountain is, again, very crowded. And we think it was just plain ugly, but maybe that’s our bad taste 😉 The Colosseum is impressive and a must see.

    I hope you’ll have a wonderful and save trip.

    PS. Love your blog. Found it just recently and enjoying it very much.

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