Don’t TREEt Me Like That

The running joke around the Little House this weekend was to pause, look out a back window, and exclaim “Holy Cow, Honey! There’s a tree in our back yard!” The more we laugh about it, the less upset we are by it.

Broken hackberry

Here’s some shot of the carnage. First, the tree from the back corner of the yard looking towards the house and deck (except there’s a tree in the way and you can’t see them).

Tree From Back Corner of yard

Next we have the tree as viewed from the patio, looking towards the Little Garden. You can see the tree resting on our shiny not-so-new-anymore copper fire pit.

Tree Looking towards Garden

And what used to be a vintage antique metal rocking chair.

Smashed Antique Metal Rocker

The tree barely grazed the deck, so fortunately all of our hard work on it wasn’t in vain.

Just missed the deck

On the other hand, our garage  didn’t fare so well. The tree landed on the garage and rolled off, punching a hole in the roof and breaking all of the roof trusses. The worst part? The roof on the garage was just replaced this winter.

Broken Roof Struts in Garage

Hole in Garage Roof

If you stand at the corner of our deck and look towards the garage (even though you can’t see it), the tree takes up almost the entire backyard.

Tree from front Corner of yard

The insurance man comes on Thursday, but he said we can go ahead and get the tree removed in the meantime (something we’re going to jump on as soon as we can… we’re worried the new baby grass under the tree is going to start to die from simple lack of sunlight).

Thanks so much for all your support last Thursday! We were so bummed and you all made us feel so much better about it! Y’all rock our socks!


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