The Story of an Inconvenient Tree

On a dark and stormy not so long ago (at 4:45 am CDT) there came such a crash at the Little House that it sent the dogs to howling and woke their unfortunate owners of their peaceful slumber. What was this crash, you ask?

It was the kind, shady patio tree caught in a gust of wind from an evil cold front. Try as it might, the old hackberry tree couldn’t resist the evil wind. It creaked and it groaned and it crashed to the ground, shaking the Little House and scaring the whatsis out of all who heard it.

The Tree 2

The Tree 3

The Tree

The Little Family was sad for the kind old hackberry tree and for their new backyard (that had put hundreds of man hours into remodeling). They vowed to avenge them, promising to rebuild the backyard better than it was before (depending on what the insurance man said).

Thanks for bearing with this crazy cell phone post, guys! We and the house are all okay! When it’s safe to go outside (we have a downed power line under the tree) we’ll take some better pictures for you (and the insurance man).


26 thoughts on “The Story of an Inconvenient Tree

  1. I’m so, so, sorry… and right when you were about to finish the backyard&deck! I hope the insurance treats you well, and glad to hear no one was hurt.

  2. I am so sorry this happened! Hopefully insurance covers it all! Very happy that no one was hurt thought! How close are you guys to the fertilizer plant??

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