Operation Finish the Deck: Part 1

Way back in February we finished replacing all of the existing boards on our deck.

Little House Big Heart - Completed Deck Repairs

Since then, we’ve been busy laying sod, building a decomposed granite patio, and enjoying springtime in Texas. This weekend, we decided it was time to stop smelling the flowers and start finishing the deck. Enter Operation Finish the Deck. Our mission this weekend was to stain the deck with the leftover stain from our fence restoration (that our fencing contractor graciously left behind for us).

We had an entire day’s worth of work ahead of us before we could break out the stain bucket, though. Each and every end had to be sanded and rounded (with our awesome new electric sander… I’m in love).

Sand Rough Edges

Once the sanding was finished, we had to clean the deck. Even though we’d replaced all of the decking with new pressure treated pine, it needed to have its surface prepped for staining. This meant cleaning with a chemical deck cleaner that removes both surface dirt and any oils or residue that might prevent the stain from penetrating evenly. After a little reasearch, we went with Olympic Deck Cleaner.

Olympic Deck Cleaner

It was super easy to use. Just apply with a sprayer (and ignore the fact that I don’t have any makeup on).

Deck Cleaner Sprayer

Once you’ve applied the cleaner, you simply wait ten minutes and hose it off, no scrubbing required.

Rince Olympic Deck Cleaner

You’re left with a squeaky clean deck ready to be stained.

Olympic Deck Cleaner After

Once you finish rinsing the cleaner off the deck, just walk away. Leave it alone for a full 24 hours. You want the surface to be 100% dry before you apply that first drop of stain.

Check back tomorrow to see the staining process. Until then, here’s a sneak peak of where we’re at now!

Deck Stained

What projects did you tackle this weekend? Was your weather as gorgeous as ours?


16 thoughts on “Operation Finish the Deck: Part 1

  1. We’re going to have to stain & seal our deck this summer too. Do you know if that Olympic deck cleaner takes off mold/mildew? The previous owners of our house left a rug down on the deck for years and there’s a nice green mildewy spot where the rug used to be. My husband read that scrubbing with a bleach solution and large brush would take the mildew off…but I like the sound of this no-scrub method better, haha.

  2. It’s looking so great back there! I remember sanding and prepping our deck… not fun. It’s great when it’s done though!

    I had an amazingly productive weekend of decluttering, spring cleaning, blog work and organizing. It felt great! I need a few more like that to get back on track! haha

    • Ha! My perfectionist personality has a pretty hard time with it too! We read one staining how-to this weekend that said new pressure treated wood should cure for one year before staining. I was like, Um, no. Two months is enough. This is getting done TODAY!

  3. I love the deck!! It looks like a ton of work. Andoni hates staining so I’m the one who does that part, and lately we’ve been working a few projects that require staining, so I’m a bit tired of that hah.
    We had gorgeous, gorgeous weather this weekend – more than 30ºC (around 90ºF) yesterday, crazy for April around here!

    • That’s what it’s supposed to be here today! I’m so excited for beautiful weather!

      Kevin isn’t a huge fan of staining either, but since this was such a huge job, it was much easier to have two people!

  4. That looks like a simple way to clean a deck. Thanks for sharing! This summer we are planning on cleaning and repainting our deck…should be quite the project!
    Let’s see…in Chicagoland it snowed on Saturday and then it was about 60 on Sunday! It’s been really crazy here!!

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