To recipe or not to recipe?

That is the question.

When we first started LHBH up (almost two years ago… eek!), we blogged recipes almost every week.  Over time, we’ve posted fewer and fewer recipes. Lately, we haven’t posted any (the last were during Souper Week in the fall).

Finished french onion soup

We’re not a foodie blog… not by a long shot. At our core, we’re a DIY blog. But for us, DIY isn’t just working on the Little House. It’s the way we live our lives –from the way we cook to the way we travel– how can you fully live your life if you don’t do it yourself?

So today our question for you is this: Would you like to see recipes again on LHBH?


17 thoughts on “To recipe or not to recipe?

  1. I think the food posts are nice, and you should do them for as long as you like writing them. I think Pioneer Woman is a great example of how an insanely popular blog incorporates totally different categories of blogging successfully. Her information architecture is excellent. YHL also wrote a couple food posts in the beginning, so you can always change your mind and just phase it out if you find you don’t have time for the different categories.

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