Handyman Wednesday: Break-in, Not Again

Hi everyone, Kevin again.  Well, bad news.  If you follow us on Pinstagram (I get confused between Pinterest and Instragram so I just combine them), you know I had my car broken into Sunday night.  This is now the third time in 3 years of living in Dallas we’ve had our vehicles vandalized.  Don’t get me wrong, you’re usually pretty safe in Dallas (unless you park your car in the alley behind your house and forget about it overnight).  Then, the neighbor wakes you up and shows you this:

Kevs Window

So, now I’m thinking we don’t have enough security in the back on our house.  Currently, there are 4 garages from all the neighbors on a corner where two alleys cross (not the most secure of places).  There are three floodlights on each garage, but do lights really scare people off?  Do they help you catch people once a crime has been committed? No.  I’m thinking about alternative methods of protection now (flashback to 007 Goldeneye Proximity Mines from the Nintendo 64…ask any man, he’ll be able to explain better).

Here’s some of the cooler things I’ve found to protect the Little House.

First Awesome Idea: Cameras.  Night Vision.  Smartphone Access.  Need I say more?  Here’s a few that I’ve found on Amazon.

Security System

Next Awesome Idea: Robot Dog.  Although impractical, this little guy can move and record images.  It kind of reminds me of one of those automatic vacuums that stroll around your house and clean.

Robot Dog

Nerdy Awesome Idea: A laser trip-wire that takes a photo and tweets when it trips.  I’m seriously considering this one.

Way Over the Top Idea: Personal Drone.  Yes, when a security breach happens, put this guy into the air for live video recording.  Plus, it can go back to home base on its own and re-charge.


Serious Car Protection:  Want to get a photo of the intruder sent to you?  Buy this for only $300.  That’s barely more than I paid for my window…  Plus, you get remote start, and 10 full color images of the intruder.


All of these ideas are over the top, but I want to hear any awesome ideas you have for home/car protection that I can think about doing.  Let me know below and send links so I can check them out!

Has your ever woke up to a smashed window? Did Adam and Eve have belly-buttons?  Now that Microsoft is so big, should it be called Macrosoft?  Why is the third hand on the watch called a second hand? Why is it that doctors call what they do “practice”?


8 thoughts on “Handyman Wednesday: Break-in, Not Again

  1. That sucks about the car window but I love all the techie references in this post. My immediate reaction is to go all Mario Cart on car thieves and throw banana peels in front of them, but you can always rig something up to an alarm. Lights may not scare a thief, but crazy sounds will.

  2. I’m so sorry about the car window, that’s awful! Some people had trouble with break ins in our garage and they wanted to install security cameras but most people voted against it so we ended up not doing it.

  3. Sorry to hear about your window. Someone tried to pry the entire lock mechanism out of my hubby’s truck (we think with the intention of stealing the truck and possibly sneaking it south of the border). Insurance paid for it to be repaired but now the door is a slightly different red than the rest of the truck.
    For security, he now parks with a good old fashioned Club to deter those take an interest in the truck. Also, we now keep N-O-T-H-I-N-G of value in either of our cars… Something difficult for someone like me who used to treat her car like an extra closet.

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