Dallas, Texas is hot. Really hot.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say “It’s a dry heat; it’s not that bad!” They’re lying. No matter how you slice it, 105 degrees F (40 degrees C for my non-American friends) is just plain hot, especially if you’re a pansy.

No, not that kind of pansy (although I’ve met a few of them since I moved down here). I mean a real pansy. Down here, we plant pansies in November and they thrive all winter. This time of year we grub them up and plant summer flowers (which kills me a little bit, seeing all the gorgeous pansies being dug up and thrown away… we Tri-Deltas have a soft spot for pansies).


The point is that growing plants in Texas is different than any place I’ve ever lived. You have to account for the (much) hotter and dryer summers. Even though we’ve installed a sprinkler system, we can only run it twice a week (on Sundays and Thursdays) because of Dallas county water restrictions.

Some plants just can’t take the heat. That’s why we’re being very careful with plant selection as we’re planning the flowerbeds in our new backyard. We’re trying to focus on plants that are:

  • native to Texas
  • perennials (Plants are expensive, but buying perennials makes it a little more cost effective)
  • heat tolerant
  • drought tolerant
  • safe for the puppies (some plants are very, very toxic to both people and puppies)
  • low maintenance
  • versatile (for example, we might use rosemary as a shrub or plant citronella grass to keep the mosquitoes away)

Here’s some that we’re considering (click on the photos for more information).

purple coneflower

Purple Coneflower, Perennial



Yarrow, Perennial


blanket flower

Blanket Flower, Perennial


Citronella Grass

Citronella Grass, Perennial



Lantana, Annual

It’s been chilly here this week (some of you got snow so I won’t complain about 50 F), but it’s supposed to warm up this weekend. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out and not only plant our new flowerbeds, but also get some veggies in the Little Garden!

What are you planting this spring? Do you have to take anything into consideration when selecting your plants? What’s your favorite thing to grow?


18 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. I love that picture of your sorority sisters! And speaking from my stormwater self, I love that you guys are planting native plants! Great choice 🙂 And if we get outside it will be a miracle this year haha!

  2. Those are great options!
    We haven’t decided if we are going to plant much of anything this year. Last year we had quite a drought, and it may happen again this year. We’ll see…Kevin is the one with the greener thumb.
    PS-love the vintage pic 😉

  3. My D was such a turd while he was in Dallas. We were under literal feet of snow and he was sending weather updates about the 70 degree weather.

  4. WOW 40ºC is insane! I get sleepy and cranky when the weather is too hot so it would be terrible if I lived in Dallas. (One of the possible destinations for my PhD was Dallas, but I comforted myself thinking that it would be fall/winter).
    I love all the flowers you picked!

  5. We’ve had good luck growing lantana- I know it is listed as an annual and it dies in the winter (looking pretty ugly) but it will grow back in the spring!

  6. All of those are gorgeous! I have all these flowers I like but when I put them in the ground it never looks organized :/ I guess I should read more gardening blogs to get landscaping layout pinned down! Looking forward to seeing your work!

    • The same goes for us. We usually buy everything, then set them out in their pots and play musical plants until we find an arrangement we like. Oh, and always make sure to plan for expansion with perennials!

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