The Backyard: What’s Left?

Our boil’s over.

It was a huge success; everyone said they had a great time (except for the crawfish, they had a terrible time).

So now what? We’ve been working for months to get the backyard ready for the boil and while the hardscape (ie. the patio, deck, fence, and sod) are all finished, there’s a lot of detail work that isn’t.

Little House Big Heart Sod

This is where Kevin and I tend to fall off the bandwagon. We’re great at tackling the big things, but when it comes to pushing through and finishing the small stuff we’re not so hot. Take our big bedroom makeover, for example. We started it last June and I have yet to accessorize. Why? Because we’re terrible at following through (and my irrational fear of accessories… but that’s another post).

Pinch Pleat Curtains

This time we’re bound and determined to see this project through to the end. We’re not going to even think about moving on to another project (hopefully a few Weekenders) before we plant the last flower and fill the last tiki torch, we promise.

So what do we need to finish?

A few good weekends and we should be able to get the whole thing 100% finished… just in time for Dallas’ 100 degree summers. Maybe we need to consider adding a misting system?

What’s your project downfall? Are you terrible at planning? Stink at the follow through like us? Anyone else terrified of accessorizing?


9 thoughts on “The Backyard: What’s Left?

  1. major obstacle for me and most everyone else I know is MONEY, have been in our house starting our 4th year and we still do not have curtains on the windows, we have blinds but YUCK!! would like to have curtains, but that is a major chunk of money, oh well little by little we get it done.

  2. I am terrible at accessorizing too! I always admire the pretty book cases or shelves but when it comes to my house, I don’t have those things. I either have functional things or nothing. I find it hard to spend the money on something just because it’s pretty- I need it to DO something. haha. Oh and money… the money is always an obstacle.

    Can’t wait to see you finish some of these up!

  3. I’m awful at finishing, too. We get it about 90% done and then move on to something else. For example right now we still have to finish the doors for the pass through but we’re already working on the TV stand!

  4. I’m horrible with the follow through also! Our master bedroom has been 1/2 done for almost 2 years. It was the first room we painted when we moved in and I never actually finished it. oops. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. A misting system would be incredible!

  5. I guess, putting the accessories all over the room is one of the hardest thing to do, particularly when you’re not that good in terms of mix and match things that would suit your room color or theme.
    For most of us, it takes a lot of time before your finally complete everything.


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