Coming off the Bench

Well, they’re done. Ish.

The benches, I mean.

They’re assembled, but we can’t paint them until the pressure treated bases have time to cure (if you paint them before they’re dry the paint will bubble and flake).

And they look awesome.

DIY Outdoor Table and Benches

Instead of one 8′ long bench, we decided to go with two four foot benches. This way they’re easy to move around to add extra seating to the fire pit area.

When assembling these benches, we cut all of our pieces for all the benches and pre-drilled them with the Kreg Jig (for how to use a Kreg Jig, check out yesterday’s post).

DIY outdoor cedar benches

diy outdoor table legs


Once all the pieces were cut, we assembled them in stages, getting each bench to the same point before moving on with the next step.

DIY outdoor benches and table

DIY outdoor benches and table cedar

DIY outdoor benches and  cedar table

Once the bases were completed, all we had to do was add struts and the cedar top.

Cedar DIY Outdoor Benches

I can’t wait to get them stained and painted! We’re so glad we got them done in time for the boil (just ignore the ladder; we were working on hanging our string lights last night)!

Finished DIY Cedar Table and benches

Would you ever build your own table? Would you like a more detailed explanation of the table and benches (with cut lists and materials and whatnot)?

I shared this post on Domestic Superhero’s Thursday Link Party! Check it out!



27 thoughts on “Coming off the Bench

  1. They look awesome! It was a great idea to do four small ones instead of two longer ones, we made longer ones and they’re definitely a pain to move around.

  2. great idea splitting the bench into two smaller ones.benches can be so awkward, but i think you solved the problem! i to would love more info on the table and bench. we just bought a house and finally have backyard. so we will be needing to address the outdoor dining situation and this seems like a great idea! xo


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