Handyman Wednesday: How To Kreg Jig

Hi everyone!  Kevin’s here for another handyman Wednesday.  Today, I get to talk about something that has been frustrating me ever since I bought it: a Kreg Jig. What’s a Kreg Jig?  Well, have you ever looked under a table and seen how professional carpenters connect corners with only screws?  This is how it’s done.

Step 1: Go get a Kreg Jig! I went to Lowes and got this one called the “Pocket-Hole Jig”.  It was abuot $40, but worth it.  There’s a cheaper 1-hole “mini” model here for $20, or the full-fledged “master system” here for $140.  Here’s what ours looks like when opened.


Step 2:  Read the table provided by Kreg.  The important column is the second one.  You have to make sure you get the correct screw length for your material thickness.  We’re Kreg-ing a 2×4, so the thickness is 1-1/2 inches.  We needed to buy 2-1/2 inch screws (get coated screws for outdoor use if you will be putting this outside).


Step 3: Put the collar on the bit in the correct spot using the guide located on the case.  The Kreg kit comes with its own drill bit. This bit has an adjustable collar that you move to match the thickness of the material you’re Kreg-ing.


Step 4: Set the Kreg tool to the appropriate depth.


Step 5: Clamp the Kreg tool to the board.


IMG_9948Step 6: Screw the holes using the guides.


Step 7: Remove the Kreg tool and screw in your screws using the provided driver bit.


You’re done.  Trust me, once you get the hang of it, this is a very easy tool to use.  However, I probably scraped 4 or 5 pieces of wood before I figured this out.  Once done, this looks better than anything else you can do on your own.  That’s why Kreg makes a ton of money off of this piece of plastic and metal.

Have you ever Kreg’d before.  Do you own a Kreg-erator?  Why do we press harder on the remote when it’s out of batteries?  Why is it called “fun size” candy…what’s so fun about getting less candy?  Why does the space bar make a louder noise than the rest of the keys?


19 thoughts on “Handyman Wednesday: How To Kreg Jig

  1. Why do we press harder on the remote when it’s out of batteries? Hahah just the other day I entered a contest where you had to complete the sentence “I, too, …” (it was supposed to be something everyone did) and I entered with “I, too, press the remote harder when it’s out of batteries 🙂

    Back to the Kreg Jig though: we love ours. My parents bought one for us while they were on vacation in the US a couple of years ago and we’re still thrilled with it.

  2. Shoot, now I need a Kreg Jig to make your outdoor table I am in love with. Too bad my husbands birthday just passed, but at that price it’s probably worth the investment.

  3. I bought my step dad one of these for Christmas. I don’t think he’s used it yet though- I’ll have to send him this post. I am also interested in why we press the buttons harder on the remote when it’s out of batteries. I am with you on the fun size candy thing too- false advertising! haha

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    • Not reading the directions first! We just slapped the jig on, drilled the holes, screwed the bits together, and wondered what we’d wasted our money on with it literally fell apart. A little embarrassing for two engineers, really.

      A quick perusal of the instructions showed us the error of our ways and viola! Gorgeous benches with tidy pocket fastenings!

  5. You should step up to the Kreg master system ! Although a little pricey at 139.95 at Lowes, Home depot, Rockler etc .. this thing will allow you to build an enormous array of furniture quick and like a pro in no time. I have had one for years and find no end to the things I can assembly. Enjoy !

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