Let’s Table This: Part II

We weren’t planning on sharing the final photos of our Pinterest Challenge table until we had finished the benches, but we just couldn’t resist sharing this beauty with you.

DIY Outdoor Cedar Dining Table

She’s done! Just look at that rosy, gorgeous cedar! We used leftover stain from our fence to stain the top (we’re also using it to stain the deck) so that everything in the back yard ties in together.

DIY Cedar Patio Dining Table

Right now we’re going back and forth on whether we want to urethane the top to help protect it even more. For now, we’re going to leave her as she is… especially since the boil is this Saturday!!

On another note, we made another couple purchases this weekend on the decor side of things.

Citronella Tiki Torches Bright Colors

Tiki torches! Since mosquitos down here in Texas are the size of small birds, we have to take layers of precautions to keep them away (Dallas was the West Nile capitol of the US last summer). Our first layer of defense will be these amazingly bright colored tiki torches that we found for $12 at Garden Ridge.

We also bought a few packs globe string lights from Target to string back and forth across the patio. I can’t wait to get them up!

What did you do this weekend? Any project finishing going on?


11 thoughts on “Let’s Table This: Part II

  1. The table (and especially the tabletop) is awesome. I love it. We used tiki torches for the wedding and still have them, so I’ve thought about setting them up in the patio.
    We finished the passthrough, finally, this weekend! I’m reeeeally excited about it.

  2. The table is absolutely gorgeous! And yuck for the mosquitos! I just heard a report this morning that said Florida is going to have some type of mosquito (this summer) that is the size of a quarter and feels like you are being stabbed when you get bit. I’m not sure I would ever go outside if that was the case!! Haha.

    • Ah! That sounds horrible! I hope they don’t have them around Kevin’s parents’ house when we go there this summer (they’re in Tampa)!

      We have two kinds here: the regular little mosquitoes you have everywhere and ones called zebra mosquitoes. They’re big, striped, and hurt when they bite! Luckily their bites don’t last long but they itch like crazy!

  3. The table turned out great! I love how colorful your backyard is going to be. Between the bar stools, chairs, torches, and fabric you’ve showed us it is going to be so beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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