Now That’s A Good Question: Wedding Florists

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Today we’re answering our very first Good Question!

Now That's A Good Question

Annabel Vita asked: “I’d love your mom’s advice on what to ask our wedding florist!” Well, Annabel, ask and you shall receive! Meet my mom, Kim.

In her day, my mom (an interior designer by trade) has owned a flower shop, commercial greenhouse, and a restaurant (all under one roof). Now she has what she says is the best job in the world: babysitting her granddaughter (and my niece) Emma. She’s graciously agreed to help us answer some of your Good Questions, so with no further ado, here’s her answer on what to ask your wedding florist!


Annabel, I’m so excited to help answer questions on LHBH! You’re our first question and it’s a great one!

It can be very overwhelming the first time you sit down with your florist and try to decide what flowers you want. A few simple questions can help with those decisions.

1.  Does the florist charge by the stem or by the finished arrangement?  
Choose a florist that charges by the stem. It gives you control over what is going into your bouquets and arrangements, which in turn helps control costs and allows you to know that you are getting exactly what you asked for.
2. What flowers are in season?
For example, if you want peonies in January, you are going to pay premium prices because peonies are only in season for a short amount of time (in late May and early June). Be willing to substitute if your first choice isn’t in season; English roses resemble peonies quite a bit, especially when in bouquets and arrangements!
3. Does the florist takes regular classes to keep up on the ever changing trends in wedding florals?
Trends and techniques change quickly; you want a florist that does their best to try and stay on top of them.
4. Are there any delivery fees, set-up fees, and take-down fees?
Those can sometimes be unexpected costs that can really eat into a budget, especially if your florist isn’t up front with them.
5. How many other clients will the florist have at the same time as your wedding?
Be sure that the florist is not overbooked and can give your special occasion the attention it deserves.
6. Does the florist have any references or photos?
Ask for references and ask if the florist keeps photo albums of previous weddings. Most will have photos of their work to use as an example. If a florist (or any person you hire) resists giving references, take that as a warning that something may not be right.
7. When are the flowers delivered to the florist?
Ask how close to your wedding date the flowers will be delivered to the florist’s shop. You do not want your investment to be sitting in a cooler for a week prior to your event.

Annabel, just be sure to be observant and remember that this is the first big investment in your life together! It should be what you have always dreamed of! A truly professional florist will have no problems answering as many questions as you have and giving you your dream wedding flowers!

I hope that we helped! Congratulations on your upcoming special day!


So there you have it, folks, seven questions to ask your wedding florist! Thanks to my mom for her help answering this question and to Annabel for submitting it!

If you have a Good Question that you’d like answered, submit it to us in the comments below or email us at littlehousebigheart (at) gmail (dot) com! If we don’t know the answer already, we’ll find someone who does! Happy Friday!


10 thoughts on “Now That’s A Good Question: Wedding Florists

  1. Hey! I can’t get my comment to work so this might show up more than once! I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks, this is more helpful than I even imagined it would be and I feel all prepared now. Yay! And how great is the internet?! Say thanks to your mom for me!

  2. Great tips!
    I have a question! We recently tore down some awful old paneling, and found that the plaster walls are actually in fantastic shape EXCEPT they are now covered in great big swirls of old paneling glue. Do you know anyone with experience in getting that off? We have tried a glue solvent – no luck there. We are thinking of trying a heat gun, and if that doesnt work, acetone. I know we could just cover it with new sheetrock – but I am much more interested in restoring the plaster walls than just adding another layer, you know?

  3. Okay, I have a question! I remember you guys talking about an RF remote /IR receiver a while ago and the YHL post today made it pop into my head again.
    We’re building a new TV stand right now and would like to hide our cable box in there. Do you know of any universal system that works with all cable boxes? Perhaps available in Amazon so that I can buy it and have it shipped here? (I only say this because the one YHL linked to says it’s compatible with Verizon/Cisco/etc., they may all be universal… but I have no clue how this works!) Anyway, thanks!

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