A Few Purchases

Is it weird I had an urge to name this post “Stool Samples?” Yeah. Probably.

Anyway, just dropping in to share our latest purchases for the big backyard project! On our latest rendition of our “floor plan” for the back yard we ixnayed the bar on the patio in favor of a bar ledge and stools up on the deck. This freed up space on the patio for our new cedar dining table  and allowed us to get some more use out of our existing deck.

The New Backyard Plan

We haven’t got around to building the bar ledge yet, but we have bought the stools for the ledge!


They’re Tabouret 24-inch stools from Overstock.com in Sky Blue, Lemon, and Tangerine and let me tell you we. are. in. love. The photo doesn’t do their colors or their lines justice. I can’t wait to get the bar done and show them to you in place!

Our other little purchase was the fire pit!

fire pit

We went with the 36″ Cobra Co. Copper Fire Tub from Amazon and again, pictures can’t do it justice – not only on its gorgeous coppery shine, but on its size. Turns out a 36″ fire pit is huge… and we love that! It’s going to be the perfect centerpiece of the new patio.

Have you made any purchases for spring yet? What do you think of the stool colors? Would you have gone with copper for the fire pit?

PS. Be sure to check in tomorrow for our first answer in our “Now That’s A Good Question” series! My mom will be answering Annabel Vita’s question: “What questions should I ask my wedding florist?” Do you have a question you’d like us to answer? Let us know in the comments or email us at littlehousebigheart (at) gmail (dot) com!


13 thoughts on “A Few Purchases

  1. I got those overstock stools in silver (bar-height). Fun stuff! I’m really happy with them. Also, I spotted them in a kebab place here in town–they were a little more tattered but structurally holding up well under super heavy use.

  2. Awesome! I love the bright colors!!
    We haven’t exactly done anything for spring yet…there is still snow on the ground in Chicago =( We did just get a new kitchen table though which I can’t wait to take out of the box!

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