Feeling Contracted?

Hi everyone, Kevin’s here today to tell you a little about what I’ve been up to the past couple weeks.  Contractors.  Lots of them.  Well, 3 to be exact: Roofing, Fencing, and Sprinkler Contractors.  On top of that, we’ve done our own massive decomposed granite patio here.  It’s not that I’m ignoring you all and letting Jess do all the posting.  I’ve been really busy with these guys.

The roof is now finished. Jess posted on that here.

new bathroom vent

The fencing guys have made repairs to our fence.  Now, they are going to clean tomorrow and stain it next week.  You’ll see more on the finished product then.  Here’s a couple picture of the repair process with the procedure:

Step 1: Dig out the posts and straighten them (they were bowing out).

They dig below the posts to straighten them

They dig below the posts to straighten them

Step 2: Brace the poles together with 2 stacked 2×6 pressure treated boards so they won’t bow out again

They braced the poles with stacked 2x6 boards

They braced the poles with stacked 2×6 boards

Step 3: Fill in with soil and compact.

The fence is finished being repaired (so we put 15,000 lbs of decomposed granite against it!)

The fence is finished being repaired (so we put 15,000 lbs of decomposed granite against it!)

And your fence is repaired.  I would probably have tackled this myself if insurance wasn’t paying for it.  However, it was nice having other people do the work.  The patio is built up to the top of the 2×6 boards now!

Decomposed Granite patio how to 7

The last contractor we’ve hired is the sprinkler guy.  I’ll be posting more about the later, but I will say that a sprinkler is NOT something a DIYer should be excited about tackling.  There’s tons of digging, tons of material needed, and you will be running electrical along with your piping.  This is something best left to the professionals.  If you’re in the North, you’re probably thinking: Do people really NEED sprinkler systems?  In the Texas summers: YES!!!  This is something we’ve wanted in our house since we’ve bought it.  However, the $4000 price tag had us cringing.  Fortunately, my company did well this year and everyone got a bonus.  My bonus (after tax) almost exactly covered the sprinkler system.  Here’s a teaser for the sprinkler system install:

Trenching the Sprinkler System

Trenching the Sprinkler System

Trenching the Front Yard.

Trenching the Front Yard.

Did you know that you can’t water your grass between 10AM and 6PM in Dallas?  Apparently there are a lot more restrictions.  Time to do some reading!  Do you have a sprinkler System?  Have you had to deal with multiple contractors at once before? 


14 thoughts on “Feeling Contracted?

  1. We still do old school hopping outside and running a yard sprinkler, and we try to do early morning. Apparently the sun will evaporate most of your water if you do it later in the day. So you’ll save water with a scheduled sprinkler system! Hooray! I wish we could have one but I just leave the sprinkler out in the yard and run it for an hour or so a day (near Chicago) so it’s hard to justify, especially since we don’t have it as rough as you down in Texas. Happy for you guys!

    • Everyone down here has these giant 8’+ privacy fences! Where we grew up (in the middle of nowhere Indiana/Illinois) the most homes ever has was chain link, let alone these giant things! They’re really nice though… our backyard is 100% private!

      • Yeah, no one in our neighborhood has fences. We aren’t allowed to do chain link, and if we want anything we have to pay the village $900 and apply for a “variance.” Such a pain in the butt for us!

  2. Having an electric sprinkler system on a timer is AWESOME. My parents’ houses always had them! The house we lived in last year (in Kansas) we had to drag the sprinkler head around the yard all afternoon. Of course, you also had to remember to turn it off, too… May have forgotten to do that once or twice :/

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