Let’s Table This

It’s time to share our Winter Pinterest Challenge project!


This time around we made a table for our brand new patio!

Pinterest Challenge DIY Outdoor Dining Table

In the latest version of our backyard plan, you might have noticed a table and benches. We looked a a few online, but they were all either too expensive or too small or not doggy-proof enough, so we found a few on Pinterest we liked (click on the photo for the original source).



So we decided to build our own out of pressure treated pine (on the bottom) and gorgeous cedar planks (on the top).

We constructed the frame out of pressure treated pine using a combination of nails and carriage bolts (for the legs).

Pine and Cedar outdoor table diy

DIY Cedar Outdoor Table  Pine DIY Table Base

Once we had the base completed, we could add the cedar top. We outlined the table (which is 8′ long, by the way) with 1″x6″ cedar planks using finish nails (we’ll go back and fill the holes before we seal the top).

Cedar Outdoor Table

We filled in the rest of the top with 1″x3″ planks.

Cedar Topped Outdoor Table

And ended up with this beauty (don’t worry, she’s not finished yet).

Cedar Outdoor Table DIY

We loved it…. but something was off. We weren’t a fan of the small, inset 4″x4″ legs. We had a couple of options: we could live with it, rebuild the whole table (and use a Kreg Jig to properly attach the legs), or clad the legs to beef them up. While we probably should have rebuilt the table to make it right, we decided to clad the legs instead.

It makes all the difference (clad on the left, unclad on the right).

Clad vs unclad legs DIY table

This is the first time we haven’t completely finished one of our Pinteret Challenge projects. Once the pressure treated lumber has cured (and it’s very, very important to let it do so), we plan on painting the bottom of the table white and staining the cedar on top. This will echo the painted railings and stained floor boards on our deck. If you squint your eyes, you can almost see the finished product in the GIMPed version of the table.


We’re working on two benches to use with this table, but they weren’t in a state to be photographed (since we spent the rest of the weekend building their future home)! As always, we’ll update you when we get the benches finished and paint the table!

Did you participate in the Pinterest Challenge this go around?


29 thoughts on “Let’s Table This

  1. Can’t wait to see the final! I will need to keep this in mind for when we move into our new house. Would be so much cheaper than buying something and I love how you did the top as a frame then the inside pieces. Pinning!

  2. I can’t wait to see the final touches you’ll give to that beautiful table. I’m looking forward to your next project too.
    I still can’t figure out how the two benches will look like but I am sure it’s going to be really pretty.

    Danyelle Franciosa

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