Shiver Me Timbers

After (literally) a year of planning, our decomposed granite patio is done (and for less than $500)!!

Little House. Big Heart. - Decomposed Granite Patio How To

The first step in building our decomposed granite patio was to create an edge to hold back the gravel. We had a couple of options (brick, stone, metal edging, etc), but we chose to go with 6×6 pressure treated timbers. They were pricey at $20 each, but since we only needed three we decided to bite the bullet and go with them anyway. We like the chunky look that the timbers have and the way carry the wood look from our fence and deck to the rest of the yard.

Laying the timbers was simple, but fairly labor intensive (because they’re so danged heavy). To add landscape timbers to your project, you’ll need the following.

Materials Needed:
– 6×6 timbers
– 2 pieces of 1/2″ rebar per timber (2′ long)

Tools Needed:
– shovel
– level
– tape measure
– drill with 5/8″ spade bit
– hammer

Because we wanted our patio to be about four inches thick, we needed about an inch and a half of the timbers to be buried. We had previously  marked out where we wanted the timbers to lay with white spray paint and stakes, so Kevin began to dig a shallow trench for the timbers to rest in.

Timber Edging How To

Patio Timber Edging How To

Once the trench was dug, we laid the timbers and checked them for level, then measured in 18″ from either end and drilled a hole using the 5/8″ bit (you always want to drill just sightly bigger than your rebar). Our bit wasn’t long enough to go all the way through the timber, so we had to turn it over, measure again, and finish the hole from the other side.

Landscape Timber Edging DIY How To

The last step was to hammer in the rebar. We used our mini-sledge to help get some extra umph behind each swing (I had the urge to break out into choruses of I’ve Been Working on The Rail Road on this step).

DIY Landscape Timber Edging

Once the final piece of rebar was flush with the 6×6 our timber edging was ready to hold back our decomposed granite patio!

DIY Timber Edging Patio

Check back tomorrow for a play-by-play of how we laid our decomposed granite patio! You can see more of this year long process here, here, here, here, here, and here.

What did you do this weekend? Anyone else busy finishing up their Pinterest Challenge projects?


12 thoughts on “Shiver Me Timbers

  1. Yay! This looks awesome!! I’m living vicariously through you guys because it’s freezing right now here (okay maybe not freezing but it sure feels like it). Can’t wait to see your Pinterest challenge project!

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