A New Direction

So we changed our minds again.

For the last time, though. Probably.

The last time Kevin and I actually sat down and discussed what we wanted to see in the backyard we used floorplanner.com and came up with this plan. It’s a great start and definitely got the ball rolling on our backyard project.


But that was August… exactly six months ago. Since then we’ve broadened the scope of our backyard project quite a bit, but hadn’t taken the time to consider how all of the changes affected last summer’s plan.  It was time to sit down and reevaluate the project before going any farther.

We love what we came up with. We think it flows better than our original plan, leaves room for upgrades, and is completely doable in the 24 days we have left until our big St. Pat’s Crawfish boil. Just a note, though: we marked this up last night on Kevin’s iPad, so you may have to use your imagination with the rendering. And for reference, the giant black dots are trees (yes, there’s a tree in the middle of our deck).

The New Backyard Plan

In the new plan we’ve eschewed the bar around the corner crepe myrtle tree in favor of a drink-ledge-type bar on the deck. We’ll have metal stools along the ledge for more seating on the deck (or anywhere out back, really – that’s the beauty of stools). We like this idea because unlike the previous plan, this takes advantage of the great space we have up on the deck and leaves more room on the patio for our dining area.

Metal Stools

We’ve also decided to go with a long farm-style dining table with benches that can be moved around for more seating.  We plan on building the table this week and sharing it with you next Wednesday (*cough*Pinterest Challenge*cough*cough).

The last big change is that we’ve decided to go with a moveable metal fire tub in lieu of a permanent stacked stone pit. We like the versatility of being able to tuck it out of the way on hot summer nights when it’s not wanted or to move it to allow for more people to crowd around this time of year. We’re particularly fond of this model. It’s copper and fairly pricey, but at $263 it’s still cheaper than the stacked Austin stone variety we were considering.

fire pit

Hopefully we’re set to go now. The sprinkler guys start tomorrow, the fencing guys are staring today, and we’ll start the patio and sod next week. With only three weeks until our boil, we’re going to have to hustle to get everything done but we’re finally to the point where things are going to start happening… and fast!


15 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. You do know I’ve been drooling over those exact stools for months now, don’t you?? Sadly they’re a lot more expensive here (more than twice that price) so they’re out for now. But I’m so obsessed that I even asked Andoni the other day if he thought there was a way we could pack them inside a suitcase to bring them back from Boston with us… I swear I’m not crazy!
    Anyway, I really like the new plans. That table & seating combo is awesome. Very ambitious Pinterest challenge!

    • We’re planning on planing some native Texas perennials. They’re great because they can (literally) take the heat!

      The one thing we’re going to be careful of is toxicity. Since our puppies eat EVERYTHING, we’re going to make sure we don’t plan anything that would hurt them if they ate it (like lilies, for example).

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