Checking out the Goods

It has been said by those closest to me that I might have an obsession with Home Goods.

This is probably true. But in all honesty, HG has a rotating stock; if you don’t check back early and often how are you going to know what treasures you might be missing out on?! That’s why when K and I were at a store across the street I was irresistibly pulled into Home Goods (even though I hadn’t fed the husband yet). And let me tell you, they had some great stuff.

Take this tufted chair for example. Isn’t it a beauty? I could just see it in a little reading nook with a bookcase and side table for some tea and biscuits (maybe I’ve been watching too much Downton Abbey?).

Home Goods Tufted Back Chair

I really liked these colorful baskets. If I could have figured out what to put in them I might have come home with one. I love the pink and turquoise!

Baskets Home Goods

I really, really came close to coming home with these amazing Indian lanterns for the backyard. They were only $20 each and would look great hanging from a tree limb or standing in a grouping (they had several sizes) on the ground near the fire pit area. I made myself hold off though because we’ve got to actually finish the infrastructure out back before we can start accessorizing it. Probably.

Indian Lanterns Home Goods

And if this little ceramic guy had looked more like either of our girls he would have come home with us no questions asked. As it is, he’s absolutely adorable. To me, he looks likes he’s mid-stretch after a good long nap or maybe fixing to pounce on a tennis ball rolling away from him.

Ceramic Puppy Home Goods

We did find the perfect decorations for out St. Pat’s crawfish boil. We had to bring them home with us.

Creepy Leprechauns 2 Home Goods

Just kidding. There’s no way those guys were coming home with us. Aren’t they the creepiest little leprechauns you’ve ever seen? It looks like the one on the right is going to beat you with his flute and the other is going to cook you… and they’re going to enjoy every minute of it.

What treasures have you found at your local Home Goods lately? Any creepy leprechauns make it into your carts?


18 thoughts on “Checking out the Goods

  1. I loved checking out Home Good while we were in the U.S.
    They have a lot of great stuff and we brought home a couple of things we don’t have over here, like a ceramic egg crate and a beverage dispenser.

      • Oooh that would be so much fun!
        I recommend you check out Zara Home if you haven’t already, I read they opened a few up in the US plus an online store a while ago. They have some cute things (although maybe they’re more expensive over there?)

  2. Oh, Home Goods, how I love thee…. There’s a HG pretty much RIGHT NEXT to the gym that we go to every night. I’ve been known to go over there if I have any time to kill between finishing my workout and hubs finishing his…so yeah, there was a time when I came home with something new pretty much every day. It’s a habit I had to nip in the butt but MAN! Can you find some great stuff there or what?! Le Creuset was my thing for a while, and they seem to have a never-ending supply of it. Now that we’re house-hunting though, I’m so drawn to the chairs and other decor! Love HG!

      • Oh, question- you mentioned a crawfish boil…WHERE do you get your crawfish?! The only place I know of is in DC and that’s way too far when I need a fix! 🙂

      • We’re in Dallas, so there’s plenty of places. We typically order our mudbugs live and in bulk from a local seafood shop called TJ’s Seafood Market. Most grocery stores also sell them this time of year (at least down here in Dallas). If you’re not in the south, you can always have live crawfish shipped to you overnight. There’s several reputable dealers online (that Kevin’s family has used to ship to Illinois on multiple occasions) that ship just about anywhere in the country.

        We’ll be posting more about our boil here soon, so be on the lookout for more about this!

  3. LOL! When you said you were going to bring the Leprechauns home with you I was questioning your sanity for a moment. CREEPY! So glad they stayed behind on the shelf.

  4. I had to laugh at your picture of the leprechauns. My mom really digs those dolls. She probably puts up fifty or so of them around her house at Christmas and i have never understood her fascination with them. We all have our own tastes I guess. Glad to know they won’t be making themselves at home in the Little House.

  5. LOL. I love HomeGoods; I haven’t been in a while. I was all ready to type “oh, yeah, those leprechauns are super cute!” but you got me. lol. Maybe you can DIY some St. Patty’s day decor in your free time before the party 😉 kidding!

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