Fabric Woes

Once upon a time in a blog post far, far away we shared a mood board that I’d put together for our back yard. At the time I called it an “early attempt,” but to be honest, not much has changed from that original idea to now.

Fun and Funky Back Yard

The one thing that has changed (against my will) is the fabric. I loved the happy, free-form chevron I found and it had all the colors that we hoped to paint our vintage metal rockers(and we don’t mean Metallica).  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it anywhere now. Fabric.com no longer carries it and neither does anyone else, it seems.

I spent a little time this weekend trying to find a substitute for that first chevron. Everything I found is outdoor fabric so that we don’t have to worry about fading and whatnot.

The first I found is a pretty close match and has many of the colors we’re planning on using, but I’m not in love with it. The colors seem more muted, less bright and cheery.

Rozelle Garden

The next two finds (from here and here) are completely different altogether. Instead of one fabric with all the colors, I found a particular pattern than comes in several different colors and would make pillows and cushions from each of the different shades.

The first of these is called Rossmere. I love the geometric pattern and the colors are to die for.


The last option is called Santaeo and is a gorgeous ikat fabric. It’s my favorite of the new ones I’ve found. If it had a yellow option I probably would have already bought a couple of yards of each color.


I’m leaning towards the ikat but can’t seem to make up my mind. With less than a month (!!) left until the boil though, I’ve got to get a move on!


11 thoughts on “Fabric Woes

  1. Honestly, they’re all wonderful options. If you’re not in love with the first one and you miss the Ikat in yellow, why don’t you choose 2-3 colors from the geometric and 2-3 from the Ikat one? That might be a lot of fabric though, but I really like all of them so I can’t really narrow it down!

  2. Could you paint the original chevron design onto some pre-made outdoor pillows? I guess matching the colours with fabric paints might be a bit tricky, but because it’s a bit sketchy anyway it could be quite easy. I love the santeo colour though – maybe you could incorporate the yellow with piping?

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