The Next Big Thing

Now that our deck repairs are finally finished (you can read more on our deck here, here and here), it’s time to move on to the next big thing in our yard (and there’s plenty to choose from).

If you’ve not seen it, here’s what we’re going for: a large expanse of grass, a decomposed granite patio with fire pit, bar, and eating area, and a fully functional deck for entertaining (and this is where we started).


We’ve booked the sprinkler system install and are on the verge of booking the fencing contractor, so the next big thing in the yard is the decomposed granite patio. We started laying it out this weekend to see what it’ll look like when we’re done.

Future patio

If you squint your eyes and use your imagination, you can start to see the patio take shape.

This area will have our future fire pit. Right now, we’re leaning towards a mobile copper pit instead of the stacked stone pit we’d originally envisioned.

Future Fire Pit

Opposite the fire pit area will be our bar and food prep area. We’ll be moving our grill down here and have a place for our kegerator to slide in for parties. I’ve connected the stakes with white lines so you can see the shape we’re going for better.

Future Bar

It’s really rough (we didn’t measure this out, just eyeballed it and stuck stakes in the ground), but we’ll be pouring the concrete foundation soon.

We’re really getting antsy for the big pieces of the yard to come together. Once the fence is finished, we’ll build the patio and a day or so after the sprinklers go in we’ll lay the sod. We only have 32 days to get everything finished!!


19 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing

  1. I can start to picture it! Also, my in-laws have a moveable wrought iron firepit and I must say that I like the flexibility it offers over a stacked stone firepit.

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