All Decked Out

It’s done.


The last screw has been screwed.

We’re talking about our deck, by the way. We screwed the last board into place on Saturday afternoon, completing all the necessary repairs before the big clean and stain.

Little House Big Heart - Completed Deck Repairs

The tough part of this stage of the repair was finishing out the railing that the previous owner had removed.

Little House. Big Heart. - Deck railing repairs

Little House. Big Heart. - Deck railing repair

For a couple of complete novices, though, we thought the railing turned out pretty spiffy. We’re planning on painting the spindles of the railing white to help mitigate the redwood v. pine issue.

Little House. Big Heart. - Deck railing complete repairs

We did try to match some stains this weekend between some redwood scraps and leftover pine, but we didn’t have much luck. We used Behr Semi-Transparent Stain in Redwood and deep, chocolatey brown we thought might cover both woods well.

Little House Big Heart - Behr Semi Transparent Stain

As it turns out, redwood stain looks nothing like redwood itself. It’s actually a ghastly orange.

Little House. Big Heart. - Redwood Stain

We were able to get close (but not close enough for my taste) with repeated coats of the redwood stain and the chocolate brown, but the layers of stain were so thick that I could scrape them off with my fingernail… so just imagine what our puppies’ nails would do to it.

Little House. Big Heart. - Redwood Stain issue

So now we’re left in a conundrum. Do we trust the pros who say they can get the two woods “really close” or do we bite the bullet and replace the remaining redwood deck boards with pine and stain them ourselves? The two options cost about the same amount of money. Time’s running out and we don’t know what to do!


16 thoughts on “All Decked Out

    • Unfortunately, they qualified their statement by saying “We can’t guarantee it, but we can probably get it ‘really close.’ They’re always be a slight difference, though.”

      So no. If we have them do it and we don’t like it… too bad.

  1. There is a product called “PolyShades” by Min-Wax… I don’t know if they make deck stains, but we used it to change the color of everthing in our cabinets to one shade. Maybe they make something similar for decks???

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