Crack Me Up

Lately we’ve had a few questions asking why we’re planning on gutting and remodeling our bathroom. It has gorgeous vintage tile in a pretty minty green; why would anyone (especially two people who claim they want to keep the “vintage vibe” of their 1940’s home) want to take a sledgehammer to that?


Because looks can be deceiving. Just like a 40 year-old model on the cover of a magazine, this bathroom has a few wrinkles underneath her Photoshop magic. There’s irreparable cracks, busted out corners, horrible caulk jobs, permanently stained grout… I could go on, but I’ll spare you the gory details.

And just so you know… we neither caulked nor attempted any of these repairs ourselves. The bathroom looked exactly like this when we moved in.

Little House Big Heart - Cracked vintage tile with poor caulking

Little House. Big Heart - Holes in vintage bathroom tile

Little House. Big Heart. - Busted Vintage Green Tile

Little House. Big Heart. - Cracked bathroom Tile

The faucet is in bad shape, along with the horribly apparent patch job behind it (ignore the homemade sugar scrub I made for Mother’s Day). And while it may look moldy, I assure you that I have used every possible cleaning agent I can think of to try and clean that horrible caulk and have come to the conclusion that a sledgehammer is the only thing that will ever get it truly clean.

Little House Big Heart - Vintage Tile and Faucet

We’ll probably start this project sometime in late summer (as the backyard project is turning into a much bigger beast than we had anticipated), but until then we just wanted y’all to know we weren’t completely crazy for wanting to demo our vintage bathroom. We’re completely crazy for different reasons (like each other).


15 thoughts on “Crack Me Up

  1. This reminds me so much of my bathroom! No amount of cleaning agent can do it any good anymore! Sad to see the pretty green tile go, but as a homeowner of broken, chipped and nasty grouted tile, I completely understand (and I just can’t wait to see the finished product!)

  2. I totally get why you’d want to redo that! I’m sure the new design will be lovely and in line with the style of the little house.
    Also, I hear you re: the super dirty grout. The corner of the bathtub in our bathroom is IMPOSSIBLE to clean, and the building is five years old. I’m pretty sure someone didn’t seal it properly (ahem, builders who left an empty bottle of whisky hidden in the bathroom, I’m talking to you).

  3. Saweet!!! My tile looks exactly the same except make it mustard yellow…operation demolish bathroom coming at you in a few months!

  4. *Gasp* I can’t believe you’d want to knock out those vintage cracks and stains! Old disgustingly dirty things are so pretty!

    Sorry. That was me being a smart-a$$ 😉 I can’t wait to see what you guys do in here! And good riddance to old gross tile! I’ve got some of that myself.

  5. Hey Jessie…..
    If you really love and want to preserve your vintage tile, you should find and check out some architectural salvage companies…..These companies find and gut old homes scheduled for demolition and you can find everything from windows and doors, to hardware, and yes….vintage tiles….sometimes by the boxes full…..The prices are usually great, and if you are lucky, you can find perfect matches to tile already in your home, so that you can repair rather than remodel!!!! I know that Dallas is one of the cities that has many great architectural salvage companies….one biggy there is……Discount Home Warehouse/ Architectural Salvage…….encompasses several salvage companies in one location…you can google it for more info…..I am soooo impressed and proud of all that you two have done with your beautiful home and I love your blog!!! Well done!!!!! Love…..your crazy Momma!!!!

  6. If you are really attached to the vintage green look, I can send you a box of plastic marbled tiles that look to be about the same color (and age) as what you have now. Sadly, it wouldn’t be enough to do the entire room, but I have found one person selling more on eBay. I’m kidding, unless you really want to maintain the retro look, and then I seriously offer them to you! I just found your blog and I’m really enjoying it!

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