Running Out of Time

Even though it’s all we’ve been writing about lately, the backyard isn’t the only thing getting in shape for our St. Patty’s day crawfish boil! Kev and I will be running in our very first 5K race, the Dash Down Greenville 5K, on the same morning (PS. There’s still spots open, so if you’re in the DFW area you should sign up and run the race with us!)

Dash Down Greenville

Back in December, we mentioned that we were starting the Couch to 5K training program. We thought we’d give a little update on our progress (just to keep us honest).

We’ve been traveling a ton since since the holidays, but we’ve managed to stick to the program pretty well. We’re starting our fourth week today and the workouts start to get pretty intense from here on out. The program uses intervals of walking and running to build up your stamina. We’re currently running right at 1.5 miles (halfway there!) and walking about one. We’re trying to keep our running around a nine minute mile (in hopes of finishing the race under thirty minutes).

couchto5k progress

We’re taken to running around a park on our evening runs. There’s always something going on there to distract us from the burning in our lungs: softball and kickball games, kids the playground, and pickup basketball games.

On the weekends (if the weather’s nice – and this time of year it always is), we take the puppies out to White Rock Lake and run down along the shore. It’s a great run and the girls love getting out and stretching their legs. We’ve even bought them backpacks so we can take water along for them!

doggie backpacks

We’re so excited for the race and for the boil! March really can’t get here soon enough!

How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you ever run with your puppies? Would your pup wear a doggy backpack?


12 thoughts on “Running Out of Time

  1. I’ve tried to run with Stewie a couple times. The last time (which must have been a long time ago) he ran right in front of me, which caused me to trip and I cut my hand! =( Good luck getting everything done before the big race!!

  2. Jessie…..your Dad and I are up to almost 2 miles and are soooo looking forward to driving down to run with you…..Thanks for asking us and we can’t wait to get there!!!!

    PS…..Your mom thinks you are both pretty awesome!!!!!

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