Stacking the Deck, Part 2

Last weekend Kevin and I got busy repairing our poor, misused deck. We spent most of the day last Sunday working on it, but by the time we wrapped up we’d only managed to replace about six deck boards and a few stair treads.

DIY deck repair

With Kevin’s parents coming into town this past weekend we didn’t expect to get anything done in the backyard. Boy, were we wrong! Kevin’s parents jumped into our backyard project feet first and helped us finish replacing all the beat up and busted deck boards yesterday.

We followed the same process as last weekend. First, we pulled up the offending deck boards using a crowbar and hammer.

Deck Repair

DIY deck board removal crow bar

Once the old boards were up, we cleaned and debris that had collected along the sides of the decking and slid the new boards into place.

individual decking board removal repair

individual deck board repair

Then it was just a matter of screwing the new boards down using  coated decking screws.

coated deck screw DIY

A few of the boards had to be cut to fit in and around the existing deck structure.

cut around deck posts DIY

The deck’s really starting to come along. It’ll be ready for its professional clean and stain in no time.

diy deck board repair

builtin deck bench repair

We only need to finish building out the railing and adding the last few boards along the skirt of the deck and she will be finito! We’ve got the final post for the railing installed, so it’s a little easier to imagine what it’ll look like when we’re done building it out.

DIY deck repair

We’ve decided on our roofing and sprinkler contractors (we think), so once we meet and decided on our fencing/decking contractor, we’ll be ready to plow full-steam-ahead into the next phase of our backyard remodel!

What did you do this weekend?


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