Pantry Envy: Part Deux

Last month I posted on some serious pantry envy I was going through at the time. And although I really did intend to someday revamp the Little House’s pantry… I didn’t anticipate getting started anytime soon. With our backyard project in full swing and the bathroom remodel right around the corner, I figured there was no way I’d get up the gusto to start organizing. Besides, our pantry wasn’t that bad, right? I mean, you couldn’t exactly find what you were looking for and I had been injured a time or two from falling bags of flour and stir-fry woks, but c’mon! Who hasn’t?

The Pantry ii

Sometimes in life, though, things happen that make you get your @$$ in gear. For example, your in-laws will come for a visit (which is awesome, by the way, since I have the best MIL and FIL ever) and you decide that it would probably be best to keep your MIL under the delusion that you are a perfect housekeeper/homemaker/wifey to her precious baby boy. And so you clean the blinking pantry.

There was an embarrassingly large amount of expired food in the pantry… some that I had moved from Indiana to our old apartment to the house two year ago. Turns out we don’t use a lot of Cream of Anything or Vienna Sausages. I also pitched a few empty boxes that were still hanging out and organized the shelves by baking, canned/boxed goods, and miscellaneous. There’s even a place for our new espresso machine to fit on the bottom shelf!

Pantry Organization Basics

Our door hanger is finally organized, too. Sorta.Pantry Basics Organization

We’re no where near my dream pantry yet, but we’re getting there. At least there’s no more danger of the stir-fry wok falling on my MIL’s head!

What have you organized lately? Have you ever had a head to head meeting with a wok? What’s the oldest thing you’ve ever found in your pantry? I found something this time that expired in 2008!


10 thoughts on “Pantry Envy: Part Deux

  1. yeah I organized our taxes, no easy feat with Hubby’s medical issues, every receipt has to be calculated, yikes, oh well I have it done, and just received last of the info from the bank for hubby and I accounts, so I will file tonight maybe have the money sooner rather than later. Still have taxes for Son too but his information has not come yet so I have a little bit of time for his.

  2. I wish we had a pantry in our house! I’m so jealous that you have one to organize. 😉 I organized our two linen closets not long ago, and I’m currently working on my own clothes closet.

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