Handyman Wednesday: Kill the Bugs

Hi everyone, Kevin here for another rendition of Handyman Wednesday!  I have something serious to talk to everyone about today.  Bugs.  Yes, be scared! You should be!  We at the Little House don’t like bugs, and don’t want them anywhere near us while we sleep.  Don’t agree? Here are some pictures to change your mind (none of these were taken by us)


Tree Roach

Tiger Mosquito

Fire Ants


I think we have you convinced.   I don’t want any form of Metamorphosis (awesome creepy book by the way) inside my dwelling!  So today, I’m teaching you how to kill the bugs the professional way.


Killing bugs is easy if you have the right tools.  First thing you need is some bug killer.  I don’t go for that wimpy Walmart stuff.  If I’m going to spray, it has to annihilate these bugs. I’m getting the stuff the pros use: Talstar P (or Talstar One).

Why we chose this:

1. It kills a lot of different types of bugs

2. It’s pet safe (after dry)

3. It’s kitchen safe (after dry)

4. Indoor and outdoor use

What the pro’s don’t tell you is that you can buy the same stuff they use online and spray yourself for way cheaper.  I use www.pestmall.com for all my bug killing needs.


Talstar P 3/4 Gallon

Talstar P 3/4 Gallon


The 3/4 gallon size makes 96-288 gallons of spray, depending on how strong you want it.  It kills just about all bugs for 3 months.  This is the good stuff.  Also, this size has a handy measuring device at the top so you don’t ever come in contact with the concentrate.


Measurement tool on the 3/4 gallon jug

Measurement tool on the 3/4 gallon jug


The other tool needed is a 1 gallon sprayer.  Pick this up at your local Walmart, Home Depot, or if you like shopping online I bought this one from Amazon.


Talstar P and Sprayer


After that, read the directions, mix in the correct amount of water for the correct amount of Talstar P, and spray.  When you’re inside, spray all the baseboards and crevices you can find.  Bugs generally hide where they can’t be seen by light.  I use about a gallon and a half inside our 1500 sq ft house.  The best thing about Talstar P: this can (and is) also used for a yard bug treatment.  Slowly pace back and forth over your yard making sure to cover every flower bed and all the way around your house.  Repeat this every 3 months for maximum effectiveness!


Kevin Spraying


Disclaimer: we are not bug professionals and are in no way responsible if you would like to try this yourselves.  Do this at your own risk, and if you have any reservations, please contact a professional.

Thanks for reading and good luck killing all the buggies that may ever enter your domain!

Have you ever sprayed your own house for bugs before?  Do bald men wash their head with soap or shampoo? Why are the obituaries found in the “living” section of the newspaper?


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