The Attack of the Contractors

Well, we did it. We called the contractors. With only 54 days until our big backyard crawfish boil, it was time to get our derrieres in gear.

Throughout this week we have nine different contractors coming to the Little House to quote three different jobs.

Job #1: The roof. Last June’s hailstorm was enough that it warranted a new roof on the Little House. We waited until this winter to get the job quoted for several reasons. First, it’s the off season for roofing contractors. This means that prices will be lower and we’ll get more bang for our insurance-supplied-buck. Secondly, the contractors won’t be as busy as they were just after the storm. They have more time to spend on us which means a more complete and thurough job. Finally, it’s winter. In Dallas, that means temps will be somewhere between 50 and 70F – much better for roofing than 110F in the middle of July, wouldn’t you say?

The Little House 06.12

There’s a roof under there somewhere

Job #2: The Deck and Fence. The same hail storm that damaged the Little House’s roof also dinged up our deck and fence. Our insurance company decided that the damage was enough to justify a professional cleaning and restaining, so we’re working to get everything repaired (the deck has some major issues leftover from the days of the Structure from the Black Lagoon) so that the three fencing contractors can give us a good estimate. If you look closely at the photo below, you’ll see a rectangular trap-door cut into the deck and the jagged edge left from removing the structures.

deck hole

Job #3: The Sprinkler System. We’ve all but decided that the sprinkler system is just too much for us to handle, so unless these quotes come in out-of-this-world high, we’ll likely have it professionally done. The contractor quoting the sprinkler system will also be quoting the grading and dressing of our backyard in preparation for sod (which we’ll definitely be laying ourselves). We’re a little terrified about this quote, but we’ll reserve our judgement until we actually get the quotes back. The first landscape contractors is coming this afternoon. Fingers crossed!

What have you had professionally done? Have you ever met with nine contractors in the same week? Want to come to our crawfish boil?


17 thoughts on “The Attack of the Contractors

  1. Nine contractors, wow! I hope you get some good estimates.
    Shortly after moving in we asked for a quote for fitting the closets (they’re traditionally custom made in wood/MDF here, there aren’t any ready-to-buy interior closet options sold) and they came in at 3k for all three closets in the apartment… and that was a special “friend” price. So we decided to do them ourselves. We spent less than 400€ total on the materials plus 2-3 weekends, and we couldn’t be happier!

  2. Holy cow-9 in one week!? That’s nuts but it will be good to get it all done and ready for your boil. We do a boil every year in mid-May and can’t wait for this year’s! Hopefully I’ll start now figuring what I need to buy/remodel instead of the week before 😉 Good luck!

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