2013, A Look Ahead: Doggy Domicile

Ready or not, 2013 is here. In 2012 we survived super storms, Twinkie shortages, and the end of the world. How is 2013 going to top that? Here at the Little House, we have a whole year of projects planned to rock our 2013. This week, we’re going to share some of those plans with you (just to keep us honest in the coming year). Today we look at building a new Little House… for our puppies.

It’s no secret that Kevin and I are nuts about our pups (we dedicated an entire week to them back in August!). They’re both rescue mutts, but right now they’re the closest thing we have to kids. They’re big girls; Rosie is a 2 1/2-year-old black and tan coonhound (weighing in at 65lbs) and Indy is a year-old lab/great pyranees/who-knows-what-else mix that tips the scale at about 85 lbs.


While Kevin and I are at work, the girls stay out back of the Little House (we can’t trust them inside). Typically, the weather in Dallas is pretty great and they’re perfectly content to lay in the shade all day. There are days, however, when it’s either too hot or too rainy for them to be outside without some form of shelter. And since we tore down the only roofed structure in the backyard, they no longer have any way to get out of the elements.

It’s time we built them a doghouse (or two). Here’s some of our inspiration photos:

Dog House(via)

We love the traditional “doghouse-ness” of this design. It would be simple to construct, but we’re afraid it wouldn’t get enough airflow for our hot Texas summers. We’d probably end up adding windows of some sort.



This would be much more labor intensive, but it’s got vents, plenty of room, AND a sun porch for hanging out in the summertime. What more could a puppy ask for?

Green dog house


This green doghouse really caught our attention. We love the growing space above and the fun, colorful design. This would probably be the easiest of the three to construct and it could easily be converted to a duplex for both girls.

This will likely be one of the projects we tackle in the near future. Our girls really, really need a dry, safe place to call home!

Have you ever built a dog house? Where do your puppies live? Can you trust your pups inside?


13 thoughts on “2013, A Look Ahead: Doggy Domicile

  1. our current pup is an indoor pup, we live in WI and our winters are usually severe so we would not put any animal outside to contend with our weather, that being said I have built a dog “house”, and it was back before I had any (almost 20 years ago) clue what and how to do it, I used scrap to enclose it on the back of our mechanical shed. it was not pretty and I did not take pictures, but it kept the weather off our 1 outside dog at the time, complete with plug in water dish, and the like. My step father did upgrades to the “pen” prior to the first winter that Bear lived in it, and it was warmer in her “pen” than my apartment at times. come summer she had a fan and again her area was cooler than my apartment.

  2. Duds is an inside man, but thankfully he isn’t destructive (although we did come home to find he had stolen one of Reagan’s blankets and claimed it as his own). Just because I’m in the environmental division, I like the green doghouse! But, the one with the porch is super cool, as in I want that as my house (human sized of course!).

  3. I made a dog house back in 2006. It was a beast! It was right after I got Didge and he was not allowed at college (long story) and he was not allowed inside my boyfriend’s house. He was a builder so one afternoon we used his scrap materials and made a mansion of a house.

    My only recommendation is to put a removeable dog flap door on it (for the winter) and a safe, mounted outlet inside the house. Something you can connect with an extension cord and get power to a heat lamp or fan in the extreme temps.

    Other than that I love your inspiration! The green house is genius for fragile herbs that they might otherwise trample and muddy-up on the ground. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I lived in Tx most of my life, now in Az, so I know how the heat esp., but also the cold is for the pets. My solution has always been an indoor/outdoor one, with a doggie door (one house even had a doggie window!) where they can go outside at will but can come into the house only partially…like a garage, or a laundry room. It’s really what’s best for the pets, IMO. Maybe you have such an arrangement where you could block them off from most of the house, but still let them come in. They’ll Choose to be outside most of the time, or mine always did, but there are days when it’s just too uncomfortable and they need that choice. My two cents.

    • Thanks for the info, Katie! Right now the issue we have with the doggy door is it’s two-way nature. While our puppies could get in from the cold, our inside-only cat could get outside and escape (which has happened on several occasions as it is… we spent hours walking around the neighborhood with flashlights and a jingle toy calling for the silly thing).

      • Ya, been there too! (not fun kittie hunting, and all the neighbors think we’re kinda nuts LOL) We have the coolest set up now, where the kitties have a door to go out and an enclosed cat run (yay litter box outside!) that the dogs cant get to, and the dogs can go out the other side of the house into their run. But many years it was Noah’s Ark, two in here, two over there. We tried the automaticclosing dog doors, but if you do that get the ones that go up and down, not out… scared my dogs too much, so it took quite a while to train them. But that’s why I mentioned closing them off from the rest of the house to only a laudry room, or garage, so the kitties don’t have access. Anyway, Good Luck, it really is a problem, I know.

  5. Awe. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Our little guy is constantly inside eating baby toys and trying to play ball in the house. I would love for him to be happy outside, but he just wants to be where we are. We also don’t have a fenced in yard so that doesn’t help!

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