2013, A Look Ahead: The Weekender

Ready or not, 2013 is here. In 2012 we survived super storms, Twinkie shortages, and the end of the world. How is 2013 going to top that? Here at the Little House, we have a whole year of projects planned to rock our 2013. This week, we’re going to share some of those plans with you (just to keep us honest in the coming year). Today we take a look at our new project series, The Weekenders!

Kevin and I aren’t the best at project execution. Just take our back yard for an example. We started demolition way back in March 2012. Our goal to finish the project is March…2013. We’ve been living with a muddy, half demoed yard for almost a year. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not lazy. We’re just busy. We have too many irons in the fire.

One of our New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 is to finish what we start. While we’re planning on finishing some big projects this year like the master bedroom, backyard, and bathroom, we’d also like to tackle some smaller projects without them spiraling out of control and taking months. That’s how we came up with the idea of Weekenders.

Weekender projects are designed to be just that… things we can tackle start to finish in a weekend. There may be some research and planning on the front end, but once the safety glasses go on, work won’t stop until the last power tool has been put to rest.

Here’s a few of the Weekenders we have planned for 2013.

1. The Laundry. Our little laundry closet is functional, but just barely. There’s not much storage, what shelves we do have are are rickety and prone to falling off the wall, and the trim around the door hardly deserves to be called “trim” at all. A cheap and quick makeover could have our little laundry looking much more dapper in just two days.

Laundry Progress

2. The Countertops. We’re in love with almost everything about our butcher block countertops – except their color. They’re an orangey blonde stain that doesn’t mesh with the darker wood tones in the rest of the house. We’d like to sand them down, restain, and properly seal them in a rich, walnutty stain.


3. The attic. We don’t have any photos of our attic, but let me paint you a word picture. Imagine gray ductwork draped helter skelter here and there, while piles of odd electronics provide tripping hazards as you make your way through a maze of blue and gray plastic totes, filled to the brim and sometimes overflowing into the tub below, labeled, but never actually containing what’s promised. Now multiply that times fifty and make it about 200 F (in the summer) and that’s our attic. This is what we’d like to spend a weekend doing: emptying the attic, donating a TON of unused items, then building these nifty shelves to hold our maze of tubs and boxes.

Attic storage

There are a ton of other Weekender projects we’d like to tackle, but these are the biggest.

What Weekender project would you like to tackle?


12 thoughts on “2013, A Look Ahead: The Weekender

  1. That attic shelving is gorgeous!
    And, for some reason I’m obsessed with laundry room makeovers! Even though practically nobody in the UK has a laundry room (washing machine is nearly always in the kitchen, or a more multipurpose “utility room” just off the kitchen. What’s even weirded is Mr V does all our laundry and hanging stuff out to dry, so it’s not even like a laundry room would benefit me in any way. I just think a whole room for laundry is such a dreamy idea!
    Anyway, all that is to say I’m excited about the laundry room spruce plans!

  2. I would loooove for our attic to look like that! We don’t even go up there haha…I don’t think we’ve pulled the steps down to that space since we were mid-remodel in 2011. We just store everything in our basement since there is a ton of room down there, and it’s in no shape to be used as anything but storage haha.

    • We don’t have much of a choice since homes in the Dallas area typically don’t have basements (the hot dry summers cause the ground to contract away from foundation, so if we had a basement it would eventually cave in from lack of support)!

  3. I just posted my 2013 project list. It’s not broken down by big / small projects but I’m hoping to knock out a few like the kids workbench in just a weekend.

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