In Love with Navy

In early December Kevin and I made a little impulse buy.

Hawa Rug from RugsUSA

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t so little. Maybe it was more like a 6’x9′ impulse buy.

We’ve been planning on changing the accent color in our living room from plum to navy for a while now, and had also been on the lookout for an new rug to replace the sad, doggy-smelling one that we had. So when we saw that RugsUSA had this trellis rug 50% off (it’s actually 65% off now), we went for it.

It was delivered on Christmas Eve while we were up in Indiana, so we just got to get it on the floor on Tuesday. I think I’m in lurve.

RugsUSA Hawa Rug Navy


Navy RugsUSA Hawa Rug

I can’t wait to get a new ottoman and to sew some new pillows for the couch (I robbed the house for these)!

What do you think? Would you buy a rug sight unseen? Are you in love with any particular color right now?


15 thoughts on “In Love with Navy

  1. I’m seriously smiling over here because I was SO close to doing a “loving navy” post this week and just have not gotten around to it. Its kind of my new favorite decorating color and couldn’t be better showcased then with that rug. Beautiful!! (must admit I’m kinda jealous!!!)

  2. I love how your new rug looks! I’m terrified about my THREE that I purchased, sight unseen. Let’s hope my leap of faith works out just as good as yours did! 😉

  3. Looks great!! I love navy too! I hope we have hard floors in our next house so I can use some area rugs! I think we’d have a hard time keeping a rug in place over our carpet since our dog frequently likes to run in circles around the house. haha.

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