Thursday Dilemma: Simply Succulent

Back around Halloween Anne @ Planing Sequoias turned me to to a zombie-munching game that paid out in Home Depot coupons. After several hours spent driving over zombies with my truck mounted mulcher, I had three bright, shiny Home Depot Garden Department coupons. Score!

Zombie Mulch

I already mentioned that I used one of the coupons to buy the little rosemary tree that’s festive-izing our dining room table. With the other, I bought three gorgeous succulent plants to fill some Ikea flower pots that I’ve had hanging around for about two years. The aloe plant was a housewarming gift from my MIL back when we moved into the Little House (I haven’t killed it yet, Mary! 🙂 )



I used a cactus blend potting soil to plant my little succulent babies. It’s a really sandy blend that allows for good drainage.  Succulents don’t need much water (only about once a month), so they’re great for people who have a black thumb tend to forget about house plants (like me!).

Right now, they’re residing in our kitchen window where I’d originally pictured them living.

Succulents in the window

Unfortunately, they can’t live here forever. Notice how the middle spiky guy is a little off center? There’s not enough room in between our faucet and the window for the flower pot, meaning that he has to stay to one side or the other. And with my obsession with desire for symmetry, I just can’t handle that. They need new homes… I just can’t decide where.

I’m mainly considering the dining room table, the back of the toilet in the bathroom, and on the windowsill in our office. Where would you put them?



3 thoughts on “Thursday Dilemma: Simply Succulent

  1. We have a shelf above our kitchen sink where I want to put some plants like that, too. I like the windowsill in your office, though – I’m all about plants sitting on windowsillsl. I just feel like that’s there “natural” place, haha.

  2. Good choice! I purchased succulents with my coupons too. Twice, since the first set died. But I think you’ll have better luck with your since they can actually see the light of day–our basement apartment has 3 north-facing windows and we get NO sun ever. I’m going to go ahead and blame the death of my first plants on that instead of on my black thumb.

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